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Comment Reciprocal approach (Score 4, Interesting) 136

Why not start spying on the spies and publish every single move and action they make. Follow the spies by spying on them and publish the results. Not only celebrities are public goods, the spies who collect information should be must be as transparent as they live on and deal in public goods. What is good for the goose...

Comment Re:The power of EULAs only goes so far (Score 0) 216

It is not my fault!
You, the reader or user of the provided information, have implicitly agreed to this disclaimer by entering this site or using its information and accept this disclaimer to govern your use of any and all information from or derived from this site.

- You are solely responsible for your own fate and agree to not to blame me or my affiliates for your unfortune in whatever form.
- You agree to not to take offence about any information provided by or derived from this site. Your only recourse is to leave me and my affiliates alone and not to visit, read, remember, see and use any information provided by or derived from this site.
- Upon request you accept to provide a copy of your soul for inspection (for those jurisdictions that adapt to that dogma of beings with souls). Any copies will be destroyed after inspection. You are solely responsible for your soul and copy/copies of your soul. You agree not to blame anyone else but yourself for what happens to your soul or copy/copies of your soul.

Comment Re:Loophole closed (Score 5, Insightful) 236

The problem, however, is that it may run afoul of European law by discriminating between national and European registered companies. It will depend heavily on the exact wording and application of the law whether the EU will allow it.
The loophole should be closed on EU level, but /that/ is a hard thing to do with all the lobbying going on. Maybe it is time that the tax-systems get better harmonised between EU countries and sanity can be implemented (I know, utopian thoughts, but still).

Comment Re:And so... (Score 5, Insightful) 258

But the start of a very productive work-day is upon us. The shutdown of facebook may recoup some of the lost economics from the government impasse.

Also, it reminds me of the final scene in Surrogates, where all people suddenly go outside to see the world again. It is a nice idea, though. One is allowed to dream of a better future.

Comment Farce royale (Score 4, Interesting) 524

You at the other side of the pond have generated a farce beyond fantasy. Create secret court, abuse powers, secret court says "non", ignore, expand and repeat.

As a tech I'd say your system has found a resonance point where the loop-gain is so much greater than one that it might cause the earth's rotation to change....

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