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Comment Re:so.. (Score 4, Informative) 161

Why not just pay attention to the European forecasts, which would cost nothing?

Actually, the NWS pays a great deal of money to see the ECMWF (the European model of choice) and are required to encrypt it before it is sent out to the various forecast offices over their NOAAPort system.

Comment Re:Nice video. Silent, but (mostly) clear and shar (Score 1) 154

Except that it showed nothing. All I saw was a slider running Android with a d-pad and buttons where the keyboard should be. There wasn't even an analog pad.

Listen, I don't want to be a pessimist but until video footage surfaces that had some form of gaming content, I wouldn't get too excited yet. The really pessimistic side of me wonders if someone didn't dummy up an Android app and called it "Playstation". I'll ignore that little voice for the time being though.

The nerd in me would like you to keep that plate of crow warm. The concept looks cool (except they better have some form of analog control) so now show me the substance to seal the deal.

Comment Re:Doesn't matter. 3D in the browser is stupid. (Score 4, Interesting) 198

We realized that 3D graphics in the browser were stupid and useless back in 1995...

...and slow! I was there when VRML was landing (just finished high school) and all I saw it used for were virtual rooms were avatars would talk in a 3D IRC like environment. Only big problem back then was we didn't have 3D acceleration and the interface was clunky and painfully slideshow like in speed.

As for uses, I could think of a few and have already started coding them. Instead of loading a PNG or GIF, it is pretty nice to be able to download a float array, be able to display it, and allow a user to interrogate it. Giving a user that kind of capability in the browser while not requiring them to download an application or a browser plugin is pretty darn nice. And while not mainstream, scientific fields could greatly benefit from something like that.

Comment You Were Starting The Game Wrong (Score 2, Interesting) 398

The new Prince of Persia reboot ensured that I won't buy a PC game from Ubisoft ever again. It suffered from the same "Let's fill the UI with references to console-controller buttons" issue.

I had the same problem if I started the game from a shortcut I created to the executable. If I used the launcher from the game disk, all the UI references to the console controls went away.

With respect to the port, I played it on both the PC and the PS3 and enjoyed the PC version since the graphics were very crisp compared to the console and I like the mouse/keyboard combo.

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