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Comment headphone ideas (Score 1) 173

Does Sony think they have some groundbreaking new way of listening to music here? Very anticlimactic if so. What I think headphones need most of all is to be WIRELESS, also have more controls built in. On my iphone I have pause, skip track, skip back, play about the ability for voice commands? "play metallica", "shuffle alternative", "create quicklist, metallica, nirvana, alternative, shuffle all". The ability for voice commands might not work with an earbud as its pretty small to carry the weight of a mic while being wireless. However, what if your voice was picked up by some other means? Perhaps from the vibrations created in your head while you speak? Or possibly both headphones work together to gather the sound of your voice by measuring vibrations in between the two of them?

Comment Re:Sigh. (Score 1) 554

Getting back on topic. Look at what this will to experience their culture brings them.....A LACK OF VIDEO GAMES. Among other things i'm sure. The stubbornness to just live life and enjoy life in the country you were born in is only hindering their lives.

I was born in Canada. I don't agree with all its laws but that's the way it is. BC gets segregated from Eastern Canada byt the people and governemt. Do we try and separate? No. Quebec finds it easier to justify and blinds itself because they have a different language. Even though that same language is what CREATED Canada. Sorry, All the chinese in Vancouver aren't going to be forced to speak ONLY english and all the english speaking people in vancouver aren't going to be forced to speak only French. We live in a multicultural society. Deal with it. And stop trying to put a hole in the country your people helped build.

Comment Imagine One Day (Score 1) 111

A Camera that is a floating sphere, that records the 3dimensional imagery of everything, the smells, sounds and feelings of everything....

and one day the recorded data of this sphere is just plugged into your brain.

I imagine this will happen even before 3Dimensional practical 3D holographic projectors are created.

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