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Comment Re:Dear slobbleman, fuck you (Score 1) 53

googles mission statement of "DO NO EVIL"

OH PLEASE. That has never been Google's "mission statement". It appears in a small subsection in their company page and refers to their particular way of placing and identifying advertisements. That's all it's there for.

Can we just finally kill the "Google Promises To Do No Evil" meme? It is not Google's corporate motto, nor do they pretend that it is. Somebody just spotted it there and blew it out of all proportion.


Comment Re:GPUs (Score 1) 215

Nvidia and ATI use confusing nomenclature -- those "cores" are nothing like CPU cores. It's easier to count the ALUs: the new Radeons have 3200 per chip. That's obviously a humongous amount. But there are extremely imposing limitations on what can be run when. The datasets must be of quite specific and distinct type to extract the "oomph". And regardless of data parallelism, any branchy code will simply suck -- the huge inherent latencies dictate that.

Comment Re:GPUs (Score 1) 215

Excellent point. Also, where a "GPU" is good at, it still expects very large datasets, and no concern for latency of instruction execution or memory access. The total caching and execution pipeline is very long. For 3D graphics, this is perfectly all right. (And ditto for many non-graphics computing tasks -- GPGPU is a growing domain.)

Comment Re:Do less evil. (Score 1) 106

By the way, "Do No Evil", as touted by Google fans for a decade now, has never been the company's "motto". The phrase appears in item #6 on their list of 10 principles. It relates to the way they place and present ads. Nothing else.

Mod this up if you're sick and tired of the "Do No Evil" hype. Google didn't start that so they shouldn't be blamed of hypocrisy on account of that.

(Then it's a completely separate issue what kind of company they are or purport to be. No comment on that in this post.)

Comment Re:what is the state of ext4? (Score 1) 157

That's not the point, the expectation developers and users had changed from Ext3 and the people in charge of Ext4 adamantly and arrogantly claimed the same things you are.

Check again what things he "claimed". In that view your complaint makes no sense. There's nothing arrogant about those.

(The second part of your post is too vague to comment on really. Hard to disagree with, certainly, but it'd help if you were more specific about your beef.)

Comment Business Practices (Score 2, Informative) 114

From TFA: "Investigators say apart from falsifying pictures the company also distributed a computer virus in order to obstruct activities of its rival in the western district of the capital."

Gotta love Moscow. :-)

(And funny if they had the same images for months on end without the monitor watchers noticing anything odd. The article doesn't make it too clear whether the practice was occasional or continuous. Or if it was still images or video loops.)

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