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Comment Another cry of wolf (Score 1, Flamebait) 324

The whole website was created what now... 6 years ago? Because Bill McKibben said that 350 ppm CO2 was a "safe upper limit" for CO2 in the atmosphere in 2007.

Since we are now well past 350ppm CO2 in the atmosphere:

The IP-Cry-Wolf organization has to create a "new" upper limit. It's just more bullshit. They have no idea what any "safe upper limit" for CO2 is, they guess and publicize scary numbers every 5 years in order to secure future funding.

Comment Safety at 150 miles per hour? (Score 1) 369

Those instructions are worthless in all but the rarest of circumstances. I guarantee you your lap-belt + crash position or flotation device isn't going to save you when the ground is coming up and your ground speed is in excess of formula-1 racers. At that point it's just random chance that saves you. The Hudson river "landing" was remarkable simply because its one of the most rare forms of plane crash, the controlled crash where everyone managed to survive. Besides which, once you've flown 10-20 times, those instructions are obvious and easy to remember.

Comment Re:Avionics (Score 1) 369

If that's the fear, then all consumer electronics should be banned from flying, just like guns. The random malfunction of consumer electronics potentially interacting with the comm/nav systems on a commercial jetliner has to be 5-10 orders of magnitude more rare than someone building a portable high-power RF white noise source and leaving it on during takeoff.

Comment Re:I'm home sick, now. (Score 2) 316

Maybe the problem is that unused sick time can be rolled into vacation time.

This is actually the problem. My company doesn't work this way anymore. Sick time is allowed to be taken as needed and does not accumulate. However if you go above X hours a year of sick time you get a stern lecture from your level X boss, if you go above Y hours, Y+X boss, etc... It doesn't get abused often I don't think, at least I haven't seen it.

Comment Re:Industrialization is quickly coming (Score 1) 338

If Americans were still fat, but used all electric cars instead of public transportation, would you still hate them so much? Oh wait, I shouldn't ask, you'll probably just find another reason to hate them.

As an American, I'd have to say 'yes'. They'd still be clogging up the roads, demanding newer and larger freeways, complaining about the lack of parking, using more power, and be lazier and fatter, than if they didn't mind building and using some decent public transit.

So: 1) An automobile infrastructure that hasn't been seriously upgraded in 40 years isn't worth complaining about? 2) A parking infrastructure that hasn't been upgraded isn't worth complaining about? Public transportation is just another way to get around, it's not some magical "best" method of transportation.

Comment Re:Industrialization is quickly coming (Score 1) 338

Did you vote for anyone who made it illegal to refuse medical service based on income? If so, you helped contribute to this disaster.

Not that I think it's all hunky dory that your income is sized up before you get treated, but legally forcing the medical establishment to treat everyone can ONLY force everyone to pay for people who are less responsible for their health.

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