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Comment Re:And that's exactly what I asked for. (Score 1) 2219

Suggestion for improvement:
"Score goes to 11"
After the existing mod points system, Score continues in log() to a top score of 11.
(because spinal tap).

Benefit: a score of >5 means the comment is likely a key point, and relevant to the whole conversation. The log() change gives a means to express highly evocative points and topics, presently limited by a score ceiling, without turning score into a meaningless points game.

Additional Benefit:
Very high scores becomes topics of themselves, and can be reviewed in longer time scales, like earthquakes.

This post by steveg for instance, I'd burn a point (if I had it) to move score to 6 knowing another 9 users would as well; and by the sound of it, I'd wager another >1100 users might move it to 8.


Comment Starwards the wrong cultural reference. (Score 1, Interesting) 175

So I'm reading this, and they do the whole lightsaber thing- they explain this opens the possibility of -crystals made of light-

They have completely missed the cultural reference. Clearly this needs a Tolkien reference. This is Feanor's Silmaril. Why can't they see the obvious?

Oh, and new form of matter made of energy- there's that too. That didn't even make the title.

Seriously though, howto simerils.

Comment Re:Roomba sucks (but not in the way I paid for) (Score 1) 88

But tibit, they didn't engineer it that way; did they?
They didn't improve the circuit and offer it as a paid or free upgrade. They sold the fancy-looking handle and let us pay for the razors (batteries).
After I was in another $100 in 3 month "disposable" batteries (yes, after trying to load balance at a time when I was traveling out of state regularly..) I was out. I recognized their business model and it isn't in the consumer's interest. It's what schick pioneered; let the customer pay-and-pay-and-pay.

I'd be very interested in another consumer focused brand to unseat them. They pulled an X-10; got the tech folks all into things but then pulled a boneheaded marketing/business strategy.

Would not buy again, to hell with them resurrecting themselves.
I'd rather by from GE/Phillips/Siemens when they have something that's well engineered and supported.


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