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Comment Re:Not quite as easy as it seems (Score 0) 582

Yes, the symptoms that the girl had are that of Crohn's disease but the symptoms are also that of hundred of other problems. So why don't they have a standard methodological approach to how you deal certain symptoms when doctors come across them. This approach would be what tests are ran, what order the tests are conducted in, quality check that are built in, etc... I am sure the medical profession has these to an extent but having it completely laid out would save money, save time, reduce errors, and reduced malpractice lawsuits because there was an approach that was followed and nothing was missed. This is not taking anything away from the doctor because they are still needed very much for their expert opinion. Just to prove that it will not take anything away from the doctor, this kind of approach is used in certain types of consulting which people pay a premium for. In my profession we follow strict procedures (as I am sure doctors do) but even things like what order to test EVERYTHING in has to follow our methodology and if we stray away from our methodology we leave ourselves open to be sued from the client. It seems like when it comes to testing and procedures of diagnosing diseases that there is a lot left to the doctor to decide what to do and not standard approach.

This would be a case that would benefit from a software program that makes the connections of the symptoms with the related diseases. From there it could tell you the tests that need to be ran and in what order to reduce the the list even further. The software would not be so much of a replacement to expert opinion but a compliment to reduce errors and save time.

My point is that everyone has off days and I don't want to pay for unnecessary tests.

Comment Re:Deal breaker!?!? (Score 0) 519

Man oh man - if you think that a teenie needle injection once a mnth is a hassle wait until you have CHILDREN! From waking up every 2 hours 24 hours a day to decimating the order of your household, children make a stupid shot seem just... stupid.

Man oh man - If you think that a teenie baby is a hassle wait until you have you have the WIFE that comes with that baby. From dealing with the nagging every 2 hours 24 hours a day to decimating the order of your manhood, a wife makes a stupid baby seem just... stupid.


Submission + - YouTube HD Coming Soon (techcrunch.com)

BGrif writes: The co-founder of YouTube, Steve Chen,recently spoke at the NewTeeVee Live conference and told the viewers that YouTube will offer HD quality videos with in 3 months. The upgrade will also come in the form of a new video player that will check the users internet connection and adjust the quality accordingly. This is a logical next step for YouTube but the upgrade will come with some negative impacts to the user and the internet providers.

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