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Comment Stories like this make me glad I live here (Score 1) 273

Living in a free country you forget that things like this can happen. While it is true that if an American did what she did, they would be penalized. It is also good to know that the penalty should meet the crime and you would not be sent to labour camp. It's amazing and scary that a company that corrupt still is on the verge of becoming a global power house.

Comment Re:What did they expect? (Score 1) 416

It is very possible that Droids will become boring to people soon as well. These companies plan there release of new products to when they believe it will create the best return. Apple has plenty of blindly loyal customers. When the iPhone is expanded to Verizon we will probably see a spike in sales.

An Astronaut's View of Space Station Tech 115

An anonymous reader writes "Here's a chat with a NASA astronaut about how they fix system outages on board the International Space Station, what kind of computing tech they use on board, and how he would like to see the iPad used on the ISS." He talks about using 5 year old laptops because they had been tested to handle the stresses of space travel, as well as the importance of being able to read emails and send pictures to family while aboard a space station for months at a time.

Comment Re:Can't read article. (Score 0) 231

http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/18/technology/personaltech/18basics.html?src=tptw Cell service providers are opposed to these because they don't have control over them. Because they are no made by the service providers, cell companies can't make money off of them but are still liable for the security risks they create.

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