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Comment Re:Field of study (Score 1) 1032

In the 90's you couldn't even get a student loan for any degree level in Philosophy. Why? The only jobs are for those with a PHD teaching Philosophy at the University level. I learned this when I went back for a business degree. Yet in the idiotic push for the ridiculous "well rounded" education, students are forced to take useless classes like this. Subsidizing classes with no real value in the job market.

Comment Worse than ever (Score 1) 244

In the U.S.A. they have gone from somewhat decently written and acted shows to so called "reality" shows, think Jerry Springer without the script. If the networks won't put any effort into production, why should I put any effort into watching? There are a few good shows but at least half are now done by cable channels. Other than sports and some news it is a wasteland.

Comment Interesting (Score 0) 413

Since I live in North Carolina I just have to comment. If anyone thinks the Democrats that controlled the legislature for over 90 of the last 100 years didn't try to gerrymander, they are fools. The fact that they lost the legislature anyway tells any person that actually thinks for themselves that the people aren't buying what they are selling. Even when the districts are drawn to influence the outcome, if the people get fed up, the seat will change anyway. One seat that stayed Democrat was NC 12. A look at the map shows why, this twisted like a run over snake district runs along I85 from Greensboro to Charlotte and has bits of 4 counties. A black Republican woman can't win there (DR Ada Fisher tried at least 4 times). Only a liberal Democrat can possibly win. I doubt if that will change in my lifetime since the courts won't allow it.

Comment TWC (Score 1) 223

I had TV from Time Warner for 7 years. During that time I never once received a bill for the same amount 2 months in a row. Always a few pennies more. Either it is corporate policy to steal a bit from each customer or they don't know how to count. They are really trying to rival AT&T as the most dishonest company in American history.

Comment No effect (Score 1) 285

First thing is: Obama signed a treaty, until it is ratified by the Senate it has no meaning or force of law on anyone or anything in the U. S. A. Number two: The U. S. A. cripples it's economy while China does nothing but make things worse for 15 years, why would anyone think this helps cut pollution in any way? China today puts more pollution in the air in a week than the U. S. A. does in a year. How is this going to make any measurable difference?

Comment Simple (Score 1) 399

Since every other version of Windows is a catastrophe, they are skipping the wrong number. 9 was going to be good so 10 will still suck because it's an even number. Or they know it's terrible and and actually didn't want to mislead us.

Comment Reliable source (Score 1) 148

In the U. S. A. the Old Farmers Almanac is much more reliable on predictions than the National Weather Service has ever been. Next best option? No matter where you are, find a farmer over 70, they can "feel" what's coming. Their lives have depended on it forever.

Comment Not surprised (Score 0) 115

Statistics as taught in it's current form (just like economics) came about in the 50's, they were both designed by out of work mathematicians. Now to an unemployed Math PHD in the 50's with the start of the space program and the massive military research programs, how good were these guys? When I took Stat in college I was amazed. Take one set of data and produce two diametrically opposed answers and have them both correct? Sounds like rumor, gossip, and BS to me, not science.
No wonder there are lies, damn lies, and statistics!

Comment This is a surprise? (Score 2) 137

History shows that more than 80% of windows vulnerabilities are IE based. Only the gullible and foolish would use such an unsecure and worthless piece of crapware. IE has never been good M$ couldn't even give it away when Netscape cost money. Nobody would use it when it was free. M$ had to incorporate it into the OS before they got any real market share.

Comment Why? (Score 0) 578

Why would anyone think the Government could run healthcare? Is there any sign of competence or efficiency in Medicare, Medicade, or the VA? All are inefficient and fraud ridden with time wasted by reams of worthless paperwork. There is not one single thing that the Government of the US has ever done more efficiently than the private sector.

Comment Idiocy (Score 1) 310

Daylight Saving time is a complete waste of time. It has never saved energy and has always been nothing more that a politcal "feel good" item. it sounds like you are doing something when nothing actually happens. Just screw around with everyones body clock and shorten their lives.

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