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Comment Value of broader education (Score 1) 913

When I went to college 40 years ago I went took the opposite path of that proposed by the poster. I got an electrical engineering degree and a bachelor of arts in humanities as well in 5 years study. My career was in engineering but I firmly believe that it was the broader view of the world I had that set me apart and allowed me to excel. I worked primarily as an individual contributor but achieved a salary more commonly reserved for middle management. I am now retired from engineering and pursuing the other half of my education working in photography, video and web design. I have never regretted the extra work to get the arts degree.

Comment YouTube content filtering (Score 1) 239

It seems that this proposed law is trying to fix something that has already been resolved. When a video is uploaded to YouTube, Google's computers compare the sound to a huge archive of licensed music. If there is a match then the up-loader gets a notice that reports the match and tells them that their video will still be shown but that the content owner can show ads with it and receive the ad revenue. This works for most music publishers with a few exceptions Warner Music Group was blocking the sound of their songs. This may have changed recently with WMG not blocking but it now appears that UPMG may be blocking sound. This solution by the majority of content providers seems eminently logical allowing content owners to receive income and YouTube viewers to see creative performances with recorded but unlicensed music.

Comment A bit of both worlds (Score 1) 331

I worked in a small specialized high tech company that build semi custom process monitoring systems based on spectroscopy. We tried having direct sales force and independent sales representatives and a mix of both with varying success. For about a year we also compensated engineers with a sales override of 5% on the products they were specifically responsible for. While it wasn't a scientific test, sales that year were significantly better and went down when it was removed. The sales force got better help from the engineers and the engineers felt more appreciated. Or product group is still in business after over 30 years but I don't think it ever made a profit because the cost of providing a fully capable staff for such a complex product was never supported by our sales volume. We continue to exist because of the value we created for our customers. We were bought by a series of companies who each though they could add the magic ingredient to make us profitable with such a valuable product line. We are now a tiny footnote in a 40 billion dollar conglomerate. I personally am retired to New Mexico doing photography video and web design.

Comment Video editing? (Score 1) 898

The only thing that I would ask her is if she plans to do any video editing. I have a Dell Studio 17 and now that I am recording and editing HiDef video the performance is not suitable. I plan to get a low end gaming desktop with one of the NVIDA cards that is supported by Adobe Premier Pro. I don't know if any of the reasonably priced laptops will be suitable.

Comment Off the grid advantage (Score 2) 328

I live off the grid so my home solar panels, 2 generators and batteries will give me almost unlimited full operation. If the inverter fails I will have about 4 hours of laptop and internet use and the smartphone will extend at least internet for another few hours. Oh but will the cell towers be out as well? I still have a satellite internet connection that I could perhaps re-activate but that would be too much trouble. By that time I would just catch up on my reading. Physical books just laugh at a blackout.

Comment Bruce McIntosh (Score 1) 204

I could see this being a very useful evolution of either the mac or windows operating systems if it gave us users the ability to instantly and economically access cloud computing power for some of the really computation intensive tasks like Video editing. I would actually prefer it if it were Microsoft because they seem now less intrusive than the new Apple. I am not willing to have anyone control my user experience to the extent that they do.

Comment Bruce McIntosh (Score 1) 491

During most of my regular career I was sort of the person that had my own rules because I was central to many of the things that had to get done. When the company president was to be fired the board called me to be sure I wouldn't quit. I worked hard not to abuse that position but you would have to go back to my former co-workers to see how successful I was. In a small group working in a very specialized field there may be several largely essential people. If any of them are jerks life can be hell.

Comment Re:CPM? (Score 1) 763

The GUI's were in the applications that ran under the OS. It wasn't part of the OS itself. We built an entire scientific instrument in 24kB of Z80 ram with applications loaded from floppy disks. To be honest we had a hardware FFT and a hardware graphic processor to help a lot.

Comment Re:CPM? (Score 1) 763

Digital Research CPM. There are many useful features that never migrated to any later OS. Most significant were a useful program automation script capability and the ability to pass user actions into a GUI program from the command line.

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