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Comment divide and plan (Score 1) 763

i too have (or had) home, g/f, work, shop, and vehicles keys...
plus my storage space, bicycle and motorcycle locks, pool cue locker at the local billiards, and a whole bunch associated with the motorcycle racing trailer etc. yes i obsess over keys a lot. makes me feel twelve but whatever.

a couple of things i accepted:
- while at a normal 'work-day' i don't need to be able to go 'elsewhere' on spur of moment.
- most of my office keys can stay in the office.
- i don't need to check my snail mail every single damn day.

what i ended up doing works very well for me but does take a bit of planning (but honestly if you're even semi conscious it's not hard).

i made four separate rings (because this would be nuts to carry with me even most of the time):
1) HOME. thankfully only two keys for me, two more for g/f, key for the pool cue locker, and a final sixth to my office door at work. six is more than i wanted but it's workable. this always goes in pocket. _always_
2) WORK. two keys for storage rooms, keys to four subordinate's offices (they have mine too), about five to various lockable file and parts drawers. this ring stays in my office and doesn't go home with me.
3) SHOP. two keys for the roll-top padlocks, one for the front door, and another for the inner private door. one more for shop mailbox. NOTE - i put my personal mailbox key on this ring, as well as one for 'padlocks' (which we'll get to)
4) RACING. one for the trailer tongue lock, one for the back and side-door padlocks, two backups for my buddy's pickup, two backup keys for the racebikes (they're production based so yes have keys), again i put my personal mailbox key on this ring, as well as one for 'padlocks'.

- if i'm just going to work, or out to play pool, or over to see her, i'm all set. same ring, always in pocket.
- if i'm going to my shop i grab that ring and it goes in my bag (because i'm almost always carrying something there anyway).
- ditto the racing 'ring'.
- all my vehicle keys have their own ring and just a leather fob since i can't stand that shit banging around on the ignition.
- if you look around you can find some very high quality weatherproof padlocks in multiple sets with one common key. look for the serial number on the package and dig in the shelves and you can find multiple packages. i've got eight nice all weather masterlocks common to one key. i use them for the b/c lock cables, the m/c lock cables, the storage locker padlock, etc.

so yes i generally only check my snail mail when i'm heading out to my shop, which is about twice a week. bit me. of course if i'm expecting something important i can just grab a ring when i'm doing laundry or something and go downstairs and check.

and i can now put my contact info prominently inside my bag for the return of the bag because it never contains keys associated with my home address.


Comment Re:"Source Code [...] Stolen" (Score 4, Informative) 306

Being positive today I'm going to go with maybe English isn't your first language. Here is a definition..

steal - take without the owner's consent; "Someone stole my wallet on the train"; "This author stole entire paragraphs from my dissertation"

They took the code without Google's consent, hence they stole it.

hmmm. actually it sounds like you're the one with a poor grasp of what's going on here. Definition of 'take' - "to remove, capture, consume, or dispossess from someone else."

the sourcecode was not stolen. a copy of the sourcecode was stolen. and this is a crucial distinction since "steal" means to deprive from another. and while google has been violated, they most absolutely have not been deprived of any code.

a common sense analogy for you: say i break into your house and photocopy all of your books. no one would suggest that i've stolen your books. for me to have stolen you books, i would have to take then and leave you with nothing. in the google case that did not happen. hence OP's quite proper correction.

Comment Re:Very nice. But not that unusual. (Score 1) 277

Nobody machines consumer products out of solid blocks of metal except as a demo, of course. It takes hours to machine something that can be made in seconds by stamping or molding. Machine tools are used mostly to make stamping and molding dies, and one-off parts. Also, even in modest volumes, you don't start with plain blocks of metal. You cast or forge a blank and machine off the excess.

billet parts exist everywhere and are often the best and most desired.
most of the rest of your argument is accurate, though. please don't over-reach.

Comment Re:Enough already (Score 1) 27

Jesus Christ one or two April Fool stories would have been enough. Is there any chance we could get something informative or interesting posted today? I usually get pissed off when a thread about an interesting topic gets invaded by karma whores trying to score a couple of handy 'Funny' points, but today has just been terrible.

it's called "global fun". it happens once per year. if you can't feel it, you may want to check that you're not currently rotting inside a sarlacc...

Comment Re:That's pretty evil. (Score 1) 802

And to complicate matters, some people seem to feel compelled to put Scientology in the same group as Christianity and Islam when we ALL know Scientology is just a big SCAM. It is NOT a religion just because they say it is. It is a scam disguised as a religion.

Oranges and Apples, my friends...Don't give them the credit they so desire.

yeah. christianity and islam are just as big scams. don't give them credit by putting them up on separate pedestals. the orange (scientology) is dead but still kinda fresh, while the apples (christianity and islam) have been rotting for hundreds of years.


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