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Comment Re:All of IBM's old ideas are new again (Score 2, Insightful) 121

Once you have that VMware cluster you can run your choice of 70+ operating systems and millions of apps on it. Can you run Exchange on a mainframe? Sieble? Your existing billing and accounting app?

Well, you can run whatever runs on Linux on top of a mainframe. And if you're a Fortune 500 corporation, chances are your existing billing and accounting applications are *already* running on a mainframe. That is, after all, what the old girl is built for.


Submission + - Creating a Computer Science Alumni Network?

BASICman writes: Next week I will be graduating from a small, public liberal arts college with my B.A. in Computer Science. Talking amongst the other CS majors, I have heard some common concerns about not knowing who the other students in the department are, not having a centralized place from where to organize or get involved in new (side) projects, and also some griping at the lack of active alumni connections from which to find internships or jobs.

I think that creating some sort of student-alumni network would go a long way to help with all three of these points. What are the thoughts of the Slashdot community on this idea? What are the legal implications of starting an organization like this and should I make it a non-profit? Has anyone here started a similar project or are a part of an active student-alumni group?

Journal Journal: Practical directions from Google 2

Props to various blogs for finding this out, all of whom are convinced the others plagiarized each other...

So, you're Google, and as part of your "Do no evil" thing, you're thinking about how to rid the world of George W. Bush. Well, he's friends with Tony Blair, right? So he's likely to want to go to London at some point to meet him?

What if you were to give him some directions that, well, might not be entirely... safe?


Getting the Most Out of a CS Curriculum? 124

Henry asks: "In September I start on a CS-type degree course. I am probably a fairly typical newbie programmer, in that most of my knowledge centers around scripting and high to very high level programming. There's much to choose from: languages, concepts, mathematics, and so on. From previous stories, I know that many readers have strong opinions on the failings and weaknesses of university courses and students. Apart from all of the coding that I will do, what can I do in the coming months to maximize what I get out of this? "

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