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Journal Journal: (rej:articles) Walla beats Google to the 1GB e-mail market

Arutz Sheva has the news about an Israeli portal and e-commerce company Walla to become the first to publicly offer 1GB e-mail service for free. While the Google's G-mail has been in beta-testing for quite a while, it is still unavailable to general public, unless you get an invitation. Walla's service is paid by the ads for the free users, subscribers (just like on slashdot) can opt to get rid of the ads by paying a small fee.

Journal Journal: (rej:articles) SpamBouncer update released 1

SpamBouncer update is out, albeit half a year late (it was intended to be monthly, and the last release was in mid-October). The tool is really great (thanks to a /. comment by misleb for pointing me to it). The updates list subscription was broken for quite a while, so a /. announcement would be helpful. Great tool, thanks Catherine A. Hampton for making it work!

Highlights: 0) don't forget that the distro .tar doesn't create a subdir 1) the new script is called sb.rc - mind that if you used the sb-new.rc in your .procmailrc! 2) there are additional blacklist checks provided, some of which do amazingly well on my incoming mail - most notably, SPAMCOPCHECK and SPEWSCHECK.

Update (1/Jul/2002): I have since decided to faithfully post on the SpamBouncer freshmeat page about all the updates I learn of from the upstream page, to compensate for the broken updates list. There have been 2 more updates since the one originally mentioned here, and all the three were published on freshmeat. Subscribe to the project's update notification mechanism on freshmeat, and you'll learn about the updates as soon as I do (typically some 3 days later down from their release date).

Update (4/Jul/2004): due to personal reasons, last half a year I couldn't make up with the SB updates tracking. Hopefully, today it's back to normal.


Journal Journal: (rej:articles) BitStream suggests they open PFR tech to Moz.

You just have to ask nicely to make a commercial product vendor agree to put it out as open source! In this article, Vassilii Khachaturov provides his experience with embedding fonts into an HTML page. BitStream TrueDoc PFR technology (a.k.a. dynamic fonts) turned out not to work on Linux and other Unix variants within Netscape - the only browser which includes support for dynamic fonts on these systems. After BitStream was urged to go open source with the technology for the benefit of the Mozilla project, BitStream reaction was readiness to do so. Call for action to Mozilla developers.

Update 12/03 18:00 GMT: Published on NewsForge

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