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Comment I'm not worried. (Score 2) 397

What's there to be worried about? If you make wise decisions despite ambiguity, identify root causes, think strategically, smartly prioritize, perfectly understand others, speak and write in an articulate yet concise fashion, treat people with unfaltering respect no matter what, never lose your calm, accomplish amazing amounts of important work consistently, somehow focus on great results without thinking about how to do so, are fluent in meaningless buzzwords, learn rapidly and eagerly, know everything and can do everything, understand all about marketing, innovate, quickly find simple and cheap solutions to extremely hard and complex problems, take risks, make tough decisions, emit controversial opinions and criticize other people's bad behaviour without offending anyone or ever failing, inspire others, care deeply about your employer's success, [...], and you take time to help your colleagues and share information openly and proactively, then you'll have no problem.

Netflix have listed all of their criteria for being an A-player, you just have to follow that. What's so hard about that?

Comment Now hold on (Score 1) 182

Solid Concepts, which last month revealed the first fully-functional, metal 3D gun

Hold on, I'm pretty sure guns existed long before this "Solid Concepts" company, and they were all 3D too. Granted, it's hard to tell if the gun is just hung on a wall, since you only perceive one side of it and it looks flat from a distance, but if you pick it up and rotate it around you'll see that it indeed occupies a volume.

Comment KitKat? (Score 1) 358

Should we expect a lawsuit or do they have a licensing agreement with Nestlé? (It's very indicative of the time we live in that this is the first thought that came to my mind...)

Comment Re:"I feel?" (Score 2) 251

The education system routinely takes people who might grow to enjoy maths, and obliterates that interest in math with repetitive, contrived, formulaic, drilled problems done with pen and paper, taking great care to avoid talking about where maths come from and what math aims to do. We aren't even teaching math, we're teaching arithmetics, the most boring and most easily automated part of math. It happened to me, I'm sure it happens to tons of people. Some probably grow convinced that they never could've liked math to begin with. Before math aptitude you must have math interest.

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