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Comment Re:How is this news? (Score 1) 471

I consider neither fishing nor golf to be a sport. You can make an argument that athletic skill (such as hand-eye coordination and sometimes raw strength) plays a sufficient role in fishing, and it's clear that precision and strength both play a significant role in golf. However, by my definition these are both athletic competitions, not sports. Darts is also an athletic competition, not a sport. Same for diving, ballroom dancing, and any stay-in-your-lane racing.

Billiards I would consider a sport. There's clearly an athletic component which plays a major factor in the outcome; strength, accuracy, and precision are all important.

And in Starcraft good hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and strategy are important, and it's pretty far from star-in-your-lane seeing as how you can only win by blowing up the other guy's base.

In addition, there's a concept which I believe is crucial to separating sports from other competitions: defense. In any sport, you must be able to do something within the rules to defend against your opponent's ability to win. In baseball, players field the balls that are hit. In football, defenders tackle offensive players. Even in some races, you can position your body such that other competitors have to expend additional energy to pass around you. By contrast, the other athletic competitions mentioned above have no notion of defense. A 100m sprint could have one participant in New York and the other in Tokyo, and assuming that all event conditions could be accurately replicated the race would be completely fair. Same goes for golf; you can't block an opponent's shot with your own ball or do anything else (within the rules) to disrupt your opponent's ability to complete a hole.

Car racing meets both of the above conditions: must have an athletic component, and must involve a notion of defense.

This exists in StarCraft. Unless you don't mind letting your opponent kill all your units/structures and winning.

Comment Can someone please tell me how Google were able to (Score 1) 449

I don't understand this at all. They were able to upload hundreds of terabytes of data without paying anything, and everybody who used Google's didn't have to pay to download the stuff? How is this possible? It seems like it would be charged not zero times, but twice; once for Google to upload it, and again for whoever downloads it. How do I watch a bunch of HD videos on YouTube without paying my ISP? How do I host tons of HD videos without paying my hosting provider? I'd really like to do this too! How come everyone else can except me?

Comment How would a VM help? (Score 1) 462

Unless the VM was perfect, you never used the host OS for anything except running the VM, and you restored the VM from a backup on non-rewritable media whenever you used the bank, it wouldn't provide the kind of security a live CD would. And if all of these conditions are met, usability is less than that of a live CD.

Comment But there are only two possibilities, unless.. (Score 1) 143

..someone is trying to hack you. So you have to check whether or not it's set either way. The way it is now, that's all you have to check. With your proposal, after checking that, you'd after have to check what it's set to. Which would be more code to write, and run slower, without giving any more functionality.

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