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Comment Re:Surely you are trolling. (Score 0) 354

You fail at Nyquist. CDs are sampled at 44.1 kHz, which (by Nyquist's sampling theorem) means that any frequencies below 22.05 kHz can be perfectly reproduced. If you believe that you can hear noises above 22.05 kHz, I would invite you to submit yourself for medical research -- human hearing peaks at about 20 kHz.

Comment Re:Stupid (Score 1) 281

Y'know, IPv6 was a finished standard 10 years ago. IPv6 is RFC 2460, dual stack is RFC 4213... The *only* thing you've named that's even a draft standard is Teredo. Otherwise, IPv6 was recommended for general use and roll-out years ago. That Windows Update is breaking things is a case of your IT staff being incompetent, not IPv6 being a "draft standard" or "not ready for use".

Comment Foolish; absolutely foolish. (Score 3, Informative) 364

Christine seems to think that Google is a monopoly in the world of online advertising -- that much, I find no fault with. However, thinking that they need antitrust actions seems just foolish to me. Sure, they may be a monopoly, but they have yet to actually abuse this monopoly. Since the purpose of antitrust laws is to avert the abuse of monopolies, surely it would be a far better use of the court's time to go after those who continue to abuse their monopolies, such as Microsoft and cable and phone companies?

Comment Re:Motherfucking son of bitch. (Score 1) 575

Actually, it's more than that; it states what the government can do. If it's not explicitly enumerated in the Constitution, then the government can't do that. Of course, our Constitution has been trashed ever since the idea of "inter-state commerce" got broadened into something rather asinine...
Operating Systems

Gentoo 2008.0 Released 164

An anonymous reader notes that the Gentoo 2008.0 final release is available. From the announcement: "Code-named 'It's got what plants crave,' this release contains numerous new features including an updated installer, improved hardware support, a complete rework of profiles, and a move to Xfce instead of GNOME on the LiveCD. LiveDVDs are not available for x86 or amd64, although they may become available in the future. The 2008.0 release also includes updated versions of many packages already available in your ebuild tree."

Submission + - An Open Letter to Microsoft (

Azh Nazg writes: "I saw that Microsoft had decided to support open source and free software, and yet, they've not done anything at all in response. Therefore, I decided to write an open letter to them. I submit it here for your approval, in hopes that it will change something, or at least inform a few more people of their BS."

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