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Comment Seriously? (Score 1) 983

All joking aside... Seriously, get 20 tb of additional storage. I don't have 20 tb of data but I do have 3 tb. I did an initial "copy" at home, it took a while. Then I took that "copy" to work. I now use robocopy to copy the differential daily over vpn. Most of the time the job takes a min or less, if there are new items to copy, it takes whatever time is needed to copy over the new data. I am able to copy over 3 gigs in about 20 or so min. If your 20 tb is changing daily, yea, you're screwed. But if you only have a couple or few gigs a day that change, this will work. Granted, 20 tb of drives off site may be an issue. I just have one 3 tb drive and before I had that, I had 3 1 tb drives. Also, my upload speed at home is between 5 and 9 mbps, that's the bottleneck

Comment Re:Secure safe. (Score 1) 381

I think most folks are over-thinking this. Lets stipulate that I have lost my memory for whatever reason. All my passwords are generated using a relatively simple pattern. If I was amnesiac, I still have all those passwords saved in my browser, chat and email clients. Amnesiac me can collect email and log into sites that I use as long as my computer is intact. My wife knows the pattern but not the current passwords, if I can't get into the password lockers, my wife can give me the starting point. From there I can access my passwords with as little as 5 tries. However, as long as my email client still has useful passwords, the vast majority of my password list can be reset with a simple "I forgot my password" request. If, for whatever reason, those two options aren't good enough, I really don't care y'know? If I'm amnesiac, I have much bigger problems on my plate than whether I can access any social sites, member-only areas of sites and so on. Given the kind of brain trauma needed to get significant amnesia, I probably would not have much use for email for the first while anyway.

I agree with this method. My wife knows the basic password and the basic pattern. With her help I could figure it out in less than 10 tries. She is an admin on our network and can manage that but the only password she does not have and that does not comply with out pattern, is our encrypted drive. Never really thought about loosing or forgetting that password. Not too concerned about it either. I could switch it to our pattern and then apply a key file from a file on our network. She and I would know which file was the key file. Eventually (and probably already) everyone loses data. My data loss in the past has been insignificant, fortunately.

Comment No Knock (Score 1) 397

The stupid drone didn't knock on my door and my tablet got stolen off my porch. Then I get a knock on the door from the local PD with a complaint from my neighbor. She claims my drone flew from my front porch, flew over her backyard and was spying on her sunbathing nude. LOL, just some random thoughts

Comment Maricopa County, AZ (Score 1) 243

"Two-thirds of all Valley Fever infections happen right here in Arizona and out of those, 80 percent occur in Maricopa County." Read more: Maricopa County, AZ, Population of 3.88 million, had 16,472 cases in 2011, 0.0042%. This is an increase of 2,700 cases from the year before. The 1,000 ft high dust storms during the monsoon season are a major contributor. Most of the cases showed up in February, after getting a few months to grow in the host and diagnosed by doctors. Most people in the SW carry the fungus, but only some are prone to it's ill effects. I have lived here for 32 years and never had symptoms severe enough to visit a doctor. I have known people to be hospitalized within their first year living here. Yea, it sucks. We take that chance when we live here. Get over it!

Comment Re:Portable phone charger is the way to go. (Score 2) 286

I agree, plus many new phones are coming with batteries that are not removable, or at least not removable by the general public. I had two spare batteries for my old phone with a wall charger for the batteries. My wife uses them now. My new phone requires the removal of 6 screws to get to the battery and plug on the motherboard. I paid $32 for a 4600 mAh battery about the size of a phone. I can charge my phone to 85% twice with it. Totally the way to go, I can also charge my iPod and other phone models with it. That hot chick with a dead phone will appreciate you letting her charge her phone with your portable charger. No I just need the cable kit so I can jump start my car with it. :D

Comment Re:Does LE have the Resources to store this data? (Score 1) 305

"The Californians Against Sexual Exploitation Act would force sex offenders to fork over to law enforcement their e-mail addresses, user and screen names, or any other identifier they used for instant messaging, for social networking sites or at online forums and in internet chat rooms." I don't use IRC anymore but I would submit the info. I am not using the BBs I used in the early 90s but I would submit those too even if I can't remember them. Gaming names, heck, do you know how many online games I played? Even my bank has messaging, do we include that? I can make it painful for them to track it all

Comment Re:Errr what? (Score 1) 160

You are correct. I know others saw different results, I was just expressing that my results did not correspond. I never said the report was not accurate. I was actually a little surprised because of results but I didn't dismiss them. If I complain to Cox I am sure they will tell me to get a new modem, which I did last year. If others in my neighbor complain maybe they will discover the bottleneck affecting all of us.

Comment Re:False advertising (Score 1) 160

Agreed, however if I am paying for a 12 mbps package and the ISP also has a 7 mbps package and I consistently have a 2 mbps download, never going over 7, then I am going to complain that I am not receiving what I pay for. Drop me down the the less expensive plan and I will settle for 2mbps This is the case in my situation and I do understand that everyone will have different results. I could have a neighbor that pays for the highest package and chews up all the bandwidth in the neighborhood, though unlikely.
The Internet

Submission + - Measuring Broadband America Report Released Today (

AzTechGuy writes: Early this year I received one of the "Whiteboxes" Router to test the speed of my ISP and compare it to the advertised speed. Today I received an email that they have released the first report with another report due at the end of the year. My results do not correspond with the results reflected in the report.

The report can be seen here..

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