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Comment Re:Suggestion, not "ad" (Score 1) 322

The problem is that the definition of an "ad" becomes muddled, "ad" eventually means almost anything that someone disagrees with in regard to a notification on their system. Technically, you could call a modern smartphone setup experience an "ad." See how silly it gets?

Plus you can turn this off anyways in settings, so anyone that's "triggered" (see what I did there) can fix it.

Comment Re:Who cares (Score 2) 183

Me too. I am not a fan of gestures, whether it be touch or a mouse. In the case of touch, just give me onscreen buttons that have some sort of feedback when I press them, like changing color, and outline, etc. It's frustrating not knowing if you did a gesture wrong, if the system misinterpreted it, etc. when nothing happens. In a lot of cases they trigger accidentally as well. Anyone with a Windows phone on W10 will know the pain of edge's back / forward swipe gesture happening when you certainly did not intend it.

On a touchpad, 2 finger scrolling is enough.

Comment Re:Core M (Score 1) 61

Oh gods yes. I have a woman at work that works with very large and complicated excel spreadsheets. She will only use an 11 inch MacAir, because ANYTHING ELSE is TOO HEAVY. Even though she admits its very challenging working on such a small screen, she's slower to work, and that it gives her headaches, she won't budge.

Comment Re:Declutter an OEM install (Score 1) 177

I wouldn't do #3, when it comes to UI I usually let the user handle that. My 2 cents.

Here is the thing with Cortana. You can completely remove it, but it REMOVES LOCAL SEARCH too. Just not opting in and turning off web searches will do a local search. I'm a fair tinfoilhatist myself, but Cortana has been through a TON of live use and I haven't heard of anything seen that would suspect things are sneaking through.

Comment Re:Daily winspam (Score 1) 177

From what I see, proponents of Linux fail to admit it's shortcomings. To technologists some of these issues aren't, but to joe 6 pack, they certainly are. Multiple distros are a problem. Not that they exist, but in that they currently are missing 2 crucial things

Take Android. Consider each OEM to be a distro. It's the same situation as desktop Linux (roughly), why did it work where desktop Linux has failed? Unified branding, a unified store, and product on the shelf, as well as easily found online.

So step 1 is to get the major players together to promote Linux as a brand. Maybe they choose a different name, but it has to be unified. There also needs to be a store that follows that pattern. Joe 6 pack is likely to not fret very much over a distro, if the store is the same. Joe does not feel like he may make a choice that will cause him to not have the apps he wants.

Product on the shelf. This is the hard one. I don't have many answers. For online either. Problem is, even if you have a solid plan you need money to execute it. Speaking of this product, it has to be attractive. System 76 makes decent stuff, but by today's standards it's heavy and unattractive. There are a few of the big OEM's that have it preinstalled on good kit (XPS13), but they never really tell anyone, not like the 100 off win various win laptops every week, or the ads for them.

Comment Too much luxury (Score 2) 129

There are no low end devices, no $150 ones don't count. Where is the model that simply mirrors notifications, tells time, lasts at least 24 continuous hours, and will pass voice and audio for a call over BT for 50 bucks?

Oh, no one has made that yet. It seems this is another market where you can't buy a basic version. Cars cost what they do now because there is almost no basic one, and is also why I don't have any desire to own one currently.

Stop trying to make it more and more "useful" while driving the price up, give us a basic version and I'll happily buy 4 of them for the fam.

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