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Comment Too much luxury (Score 2) 129

There are no low end devices, no $150 ones don't count. Where is the model that simply mirrors notifications, tells time, lasts at least 24 continuous hours, and will pass voice and audio for a call over BT for 50 bucks?

Oh, no one has made that yet. It seems this is another market where you can't buy a basic version. Cars cost what they do now because there is almost no basic one, and is also why I don't have any desire to own one currently.

Stop trying to make it more and more "useful" while driving the price up, give us a basic version and I'll happily buy 4 of them for the fam.

Comment Re: Old dog, old tricks (Score 1, Interesting) 377

This. They really aren't bullshitting. Personal experience, but on my laptop hands down Chrome rapes batteries vs edge and opera. FF is better, but not by much.

Also chrome is still terrible for HIDPI and touch support. Opera and FF fail at this as well, but at least I can somewhat use them with touch.

Comment Re:Half arsed (Score 1) 921

I really don't think so. Under a basic income I can see most people vegging out on Netflix most of the day. People that aren't motivated by money are few and far between in my travels, and most people really don't want to do a lot of shit that isn't hedonistic in nature. Take away needing to be productive for money and I doubt most would do it on their own.

Comment Re:Too late (Score 1) 166

Well remember, Lord Jobs told everyone the desktop was a dead man walking. I too avoid services that ignore the desktop, and while I am sure there are others that do, I am getting the impression that there are more people that look for this than these companies think. People are also straddling more "ecosystems" more often than ever. Half my office is Win/Android and there are only a handful of apps that will stay in sync across win desktop, win app (that's a thing now!) and android app. Which is a damn shame because I believe there is a sizeable enough market for this kind of integration. Problem is that now everyone says you "failed" if you aren't #1 in a week. Gaining a niche and pulling in a little change is hard to do when most investors want the big cash, and people define themselves by being on the most popular service.

I'm going to cry at that last sentence, because it really upsets me that this is where we are.

Comment Re:Yes. (Score 1) 341

If you're my family, you complain and keep buying. It's not just computers, cars, appliances, etc. They have been so trained by adverts to be loyal while taking it up the ass. As someone mentioned as another reply, I just let them suffer now.

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