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Comment Who's buying this stuff. (Score 1) 16

As far as mobile, who is buying all this stuff? I have a family full of mac heads, with maybe 10 paid apps out of 30 people total. I myself have spend 0$ on apps myself. I also work with a lot of devices at work and notice the same trend, maybe 1 or 2 paid things. Anecdotal as well, but I work with a large cadre of small business owners as well and I see the same patterns.

Slashdot help me here.

Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 129

He prefers where the games he likes to play are, and they aren't on a PC at this moment. When he was into Minecraft, he was a PC gamer, then consoles got it, along with more games he wants to play. He switched. He has access to a powerful PC, but does not like the games offered. Graphics mean little, he likes gameplay over all else. (I did good)

He has a powerful enough PC but does not play console ports simply because he has the console and does not have to wait a year to play, it's old by then. "He wouldn't enjoy the ports" Do you posess some kind of all seeing eye? How do you know what he would enjoy, he isn't you!

So it's very relevant when you have a person who does not care about the platform but the games, they go where the games they want are, and currently the games are on console. I am a PC gamer, but this year was pretty bad for me, I am thinking about a console again. Many of the "good" as you would call them releases were TO ME nothing but graphics fests with vapid, boring, been there done that gameplay. You I guess liked them more.

Ports could be better, but why deal with an entitled, whiny customer base, that's paying 20% less to begin with even though you have to exert more effort to make the game work. (all that hardware?) when DLC on the console will make you the same money? On just a handful of hardware configurations, with marketing from the console maker if you're lucky to boot.

Comment Re:What's the point? (Score -1, Troll) 129

Is this person actually "nuts" or are they just different and have different preferences?

My son does not want a gaming pc and prefers console for that very reason as well. The games he likes to play aren't available.

It's because PC gamers on average, don't want to pay for shit, unless it's hardware, and are extremely whiny, and generally only looking for whiz bang visuals. I never see gameplay discussions on many of the "masterrace" forums, always rigs and graphics. And as a player that prefers gameplay above all else, PC is just ok.

Comment Re:AMD has (Score 1) 91

No incentive or are physics in the way?

Serious question because I am doubtful that they're just "not advancing" just because of "no competition" But rather I don't think it's possible to move as fast with performance increases now because we're rapidly approaching the limits of current silicon designs can do.

Comment Re:Breaking news, water is wet! (Score 1) 252

well see how popular those things are after some time dealing with the shortcomings of these devices. Many people ran out and bought them, but how many will consider it an improvement? My son is sick of his 180 beats wireless ones (various issues) 2 days after buying them the day after Christmas. Time will tell.

Comment Re:Maybe not that low... (Score 1) 181

change rom, problem solved. and there are plenty of other phones that may be more "trustworthy" to you that are all in the same price range and are good enough in many aspects.

But I know I am not that important and I don't do anything important on that micro screen anyways. If the Chinese hacked it, they'd get nothing of value anyway.

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