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Comment Re:Price caps cause market distortions. (Score 2) 256

"The end result is that your low-income community has turned into a high-rent development that looks shiny, but sits vacant because of the crime and housing problem... and in turn, the landlords still don't get paid."

Midtown Miami summed up perfectly. Want to see this in action, go there.

Comment Re:Price caps cause market distortions. (Score 0) 256

"Imposing these distortions removes the incentive for landlords to maintain and improve their properties"

This is a problem of capitalism, the only incentive a landlord should need for doing this is being a decent human being. Unfortunately, the lure and indoctrination of capitalism, especially in the US, causes humans to trade in decent behavior for cash, and they are celebrated for it.

"Another example is minimum wage floors. These make it prohibitive for businesses to start, and make it harder for existing businesses to continue remaining viable. These also help create "high-poverty districts", because there are fewer jobs than there naturally would be if labor didn't need to be paid artificially high wages."

This suggests to me that you are one of these rabid capitalists, and you also think that the system will work for you someday. What proof is there of this?

Comment Re: MS pushing more into older OS or Linux/Mac (Score 1) 236

"You can also just ignore all the extra stuff"

Clearly, you haven't worked with the general public much, that is not as easy as you make it sound for many, it becomes overwhelming, "I only want to do this one thing, why is this other crap here?" Power users like yourself have the same complaints, about "bloatware" you could just ignore that too.

"you still have to learn something other than microsoft's bend you over and violate you OS's"

No, no one has to, they may choose to though.

"Therefor they can continue to get fucked by microsoft or apple and limit their capabilities."

If the device does everything they want it to how are they limited?

You just think everyone should work the way YOU do. How selfish. Stop whining because other people use their devices differently than you.

Comment Re:education space and windows store? (Score 1) 206

Okay, so it's a matter of the devs saying no to the store then.

That does not explain how they "will not work" under the windows store rules. They can use centennial to port win 32 to store in a few minutes, so...

I think maybe you need to do more homework on what is isn't possible on UWP.

Comment Re: MS pushing more into older OS or Linux/Mac (Score 1) 236

What's bizzarre about people wanting something they can just pick up, do the setup, and then use without hassle?

Yes, TOO MANY preferences and TOO MANY look and feel options certainly are for 99% of users. Technologists often don't understand that when you expose too many things, it looks too daunting and the customer shuts down. Seeing as said technologists are also less likely to spend money in app stores, why should they care about you?

Comment Re: MS pushing more into older OS or Linux/Mac (Score 1) 236

"These are the people that dont want to have to do any work to have a good system working" And, what's the problem with that. Do you have to tweak a new car, or do you buy it, set the seat and wheel position, and Go? This is why Apple won so hard, and continues to sell stuff.

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