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Comment Theaters Suck (Score 1) 433

I've essentially stopped going to see movies... you have to sit upright in those terrible dirty seats, listen to idiots yell through the movie, can't pause it to go to the bathroom, pay way too much for food, and now they're watching you on cameras so HJ's are out of the question. Did I mention you have to pay a metric ton for the privilage? I bought a nice projector for my house, and now everything is 10' wide. The ONLY catch is you have to wait for blu-ray on netflix - something I've grown accustomed to. It also prevents you from being suckered into paying over $50 for a night out where you see a really crappy movie that only looks good in previews. HJ's all around.

Comment Tech stores in brooklyn (Score 1) 253

There was this mac store (not apple, but 3rd party) in brooklyn that had 2 stores at one point. They had a big plasma on each store's wall that just had an iChat video connection full screen (all day every day) so they could yell over to the other store and find out if they had something in stock without having to make a phone call or check inventory computers... So... I'd just get a couple mac mini's & flat screens, they come with iChat.

Comment Hard to nail down... (Score 1) 1115

In a television network setting I'm sure the effects of piracy (if any) would come at the green lighting projects stage. If piracy was affecting the bottom line then the networks would simply green light fewer projects, tv pilots, movie scripts etc. That's for big budget things. People who can make their content on a home computer probably would only have their projects 'canceled' if they make less money on previous projects and simply don't have enough time or money to devote for one or more projects in the future. Either way it's hard to nail down which un-green lit projects would be canceled due to piracy as I'm sure there are heaps of scripts and pilots not getting produced all the time anyway. They seem to be making enough money, I don't see any empty slots on my television schedule and I'm pretty sure there's new movies opening every weekend. People still create songs by themselves and put them on itunes. If EVERYONE started pirating, there wouldn't be enough money to produce new stuff, but because of advertising deals and the fact that there is still a good chunk of people that pay for things I don't think they're hurting any time soon.

Submission + - Sony Dash or Marketer's Dream? (

AvenNYC writes: As a community that routinely rewards contributions with the ability to legitimately disable advertising, I'm wondering how the community feels about the Sony Dash. It seems to be marketed as a Personal Internet Viewer, but in reality it is a super alarm clock with tons of features. It looks great, and I'm sure a lot of these will end up by bedsides across the country. No where on the box or in any of the reviews I have read mention the fact that no matter how you customize the 'apps' on it, it will download and show advertisement apps. There is no way to shut them off, and if you delete them they will be replaced. You can read in the FAQ yourself at: — this is the only place I've heard mention of this. It's under the question: "Why does an app I've removed from a channel keep reappearing?" The answer is: "You may see apps on your Personal Internet Viewer that you didn't put in your channel. These are added by Sony and chumby industries content partners. Sharing these promotional apps with you is how the content stays free — no subscriptions to pay, no plans to sign up for. If you remove a promotional app, it will be replaced."

This must be a marketer's dream, as you check your bedside clock at times when you are otherwise not accessible to advertisers. The customer service agent I spoke with could not actually name the content the ads are paying for, as the 'premium content' (pandora, amazon, netflix, etc) is either paid for by the customer, or free already. The chumby apps are all free from the website, and the developers simply submit them to the website to get listed. So Slashdot, is this unethical? Should they say on the box "Personal Internet Viewer and Corporate Billboard?"

Comment Re:More likely, (Score 1) 344

Back when I was in school they had windows 3.1 on the computers, and the 'file explorer' (I think that was the name) icon came up with a password when you tried to run it. I just asked a teacher indirectly about it (technology incompetent teacher) and they were like 'it's scholar or something.' No hacking required.

Comment Citibank (Score 2, Interesting) 225

I can only speak for Citibank, but it wouldn't be too hard for me to believe that all banks are this retarded. They called me a year ago to tell (...ask?) me I had drained my bank account (via my debit card) with two charges from the Philippines (Thousands of dollars). I told them of course not and that they needed to get my money back. I also asked them to not allow charges from overseas in the future and if I needed something from the Philippines I'd call and let them know. They said there was no way to do that, and that any charges from anywhere in the world would continue to be put through. I got my money back within days. I don't see how this makes them any money.

Comment Touch Interfaces (Score 2, Interesting) 352

As I've said before, if you can touchify an OS, it's great. I use a very specific version of Windows XP on the lighting console I use. The dual touch screens take the place of the mouse (there's a trackball built in but only used really when a touch screen has issues) and of course tons of hard buttons and knobs etc. By combining the 2, touchscreens and keyboards (hard buttons) you can get everything done so fast you wouldn't believe. I don't think you can have only one or the other and go as fast as having both. That being said, it's built so the touch screens are at the right angle (and height, but that's up to you) and distance from the hard buttons, to make everything easier - you don't end up moving your hands too much. Even hours of using touch screens don't make you too fatigued.

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