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Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 699

How is it a public safety issue?!? If the public is vaccinated against _whatever_, then how is the person not vaccinated against _whatever_ putting the public in danger? The public is already vaccinated, so they can't get it, right? Because you imply that if you get the vaccination, you are not going to get _whatever_. The only ones that have anything to fear from non-vaccinated people are other non-vaccinated people. That is the risk they are taking by not getting vaccinated. I'm not even against vaccinations. But that line of crap you spouted is just ridiculous.

Comment Re:...and if you look closely... He's Native. (Score 1) 100


Messer Ezio's great-grandson here is *not* an English colonist. He most likely speaks an eastern dialect of one of the Algonquin peoples and languages. ...and I for one can't wait to play this.

From Milwaukee?

Actually, it's pronounced Millie-wah-kay; which is Algonquin for "The good land."

Comment Re:Article is Clueless -- Reviews are Jokes (Score 1) 240

Apparently you didn't RTFA. The first sentance of the summary even states "The first time I came across fake reviews on Amazon, it was hilarious" - the point of TFA is that the reviews of real items can be bogus/gamed. From TFA: "Again, I don’t actually care about the fake posts. I find them hugely entertaining to read. What bothers me is apparently how easy it is to create reviews on products that doesn’t exist by people that either don’t exist or have never bought them." So RTFA, joker.

Comment Re:-1 False Assumption (Score 1) 976

Might want to check for any disclaimer on that Michigan handbook. The one you get at Oregon DMV, that EVERYONE studies, states on page i:

"This manual condenses and paraphrases selected language in the Oregon Revised Statues. It also provides safety advise not included in the law. This manual is not a proper legal authority to cite and should not be replied upon in a court of law. Traffic regulations in cities, towns, counties, and federal territories may go beyond state laws, as long as they do not conflict with state law."

So yeah, I don't quote anything from that book (except to my teenagers that will have to pass the crazy sh!t they ask on the permit and driver's license written tests).


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