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Comment Re:Sounds nice. (Score 1) 237

Yeah, I do understand that it is experimental, but unfortunately the VA is very..... very slow to accept new treatments well after they are released to the general public. I have been hospitalized there for depression a few times (in fact I have to report there on Monday), so they are well aware of my conditions. I do appreciate your advice though.

Comment Re:Any surprise? (Score 1) 382

I must be taking this out of context or some comments because this is a ridiculous statement. Temp workers ALWAYS make far less than full-time employees. I've worked quite a few temp jobs, since that's the direction this stupid fucking country is going, and I've always made less money than full-time equivalents while getting no benefits, no time off, and on top of that I get treated like a second class worker at some places *cough*nintendo,snapon,xerox*cough*.

I've been at....... uh, a large search engine company.... as a temp, for 1.5 years now. I've gotten no raise, I can't afford to buy into their shitty health insurance, and I make maybe 20k a year. The part of the country I live in now is very expensive to live (coming from Wisconsin). If I don't get my paycheck each week, I'm completely screwed.

That is my experience as a temp. I hate life.

Comment Re:Sad, but I can see doing it too (Score 1) 950

I'm bipolar. No one will insure me and even if they will, it's laughably expensive. As always, no one will cover my medications for at least a year for some odd reason. At least the VA helps me out a little bit but anyone who has worked with the VA knows that it is a hassle (to say the least). When you make $23,000 a year working as an indefinite temp worker at one of the biggest tech companies in the world, insurance is just not possible.

Fuck the US "healthcare" system.

Comment Re:That's fine but... (Score 5, Insightful) 303

"when done properly" is the key phrase there. Flying is HIGHLY regulated by the government. For one, you need a medical certificate to fly which needs to be updated every few years (depending on what class it is). Also, you need a certified AP mechanic to sign off on your aircraft. With a car, your drunk neighbor can basically build a car for you, and as long as you acquired a driver's license.... even 50 years ago.... you can drive it. As long as you are 18 (in Wisconsin at least), you don't even need a driver's education course. All you need to do is pass the test, which is ridiculously easy, and you get a license for the rest of your life. Now, I have flown in a few aircraft that were slightly "questionable", but they were definitely airworthy. It is a bit scary pulling out the throttle and having the knob immediately pop off hehe. Also going into the clouds for the first time and having your VOR about 15 degrees off (I think I got a few more gray hairs on that one). My point is that the reason why flying is so safe is because it is extremely regulated. If everyone's car went through the same maintenance procedure as a Cessna 150 built in the mid 50s, then we would have almost no broken down cars on the highway. If the drivers were put through the same sort of training as pilots, we would have far fewer accidents.

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