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Comment Re:Blocking should still be possible (Score 1) 4

I think the best way to deal with such bad behaving parts of web is to have such tools built-in in browsers, especially for mobile devices which suffer the most. Somekind of run-time profiling should be inside too. Currently browsers only stop hanged scripts, this feature should be extended to analize and kill or de-prioritize bits of code which eat a lot of CPU without entirely blocking the web page.

Submission + - The future of the web without Flash - will it be f (opera.com) 4

AuxLV writes: We've seen a lot of great HTML5 demos and now many people believe that HTML5 is our savior from Flash and will make our browsing faster and more pleasant once all the lagging Flash banners disappear. The problem? Banners themselves won't disappear — they will become HTML5-powered. And today you can get your web-future-sneak-peek fix. While HTML5 is great it will not auto-magically save us from lame banner creators and performance issues.

Comment 200mbps fastest in the world? Haha! (Score 1) 179

200mbps? LOL! Kill me in envy anger, but here in Latvia ISP called Lattelekom currently tests new line which will bring unlimited 1GBit fiber-optics to home users quite soon. Currently some of my friends use this huge canal as a test customers. Currently speed is limited to 100mbps, at the end of year they plan to launch publicly available pilot at 500mbps and then move to 1gbps. And yes, latvians are quite used having 100mbps at home for 20-40 bucks/mo. You can start hating and killing me now :)

Comment Wine runs win apps? (Score 0, Troll) 354

>> Wine (the Windows not-an-emulator for Unix) runs Windows applications more often than not. (Certainly more often than Vista does.) Hahaha! If Wine was capable running more software then Vista does then everyone already moved to it! Guys, Wine can not run even simple audio player called XMPlay which runs on any Windows implementation from Microsoft just fine!

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