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Comment Re:In today's news (Score 1) 119

This actually happened: someone where I used to work saw me carrying an OpenOffice manual and said, "What are you, a Communist? Around here we use Microsoft Office!"

And how exactly did you respond to the fascist? "How does that Chocolate Mussolini taste?"

What response is possible?
Like the " Drill Baby Drill" crowd, these religious opinions are immovable by facts, logic or good sense.

Comment Re:And she gets away with it... (Score 0, Troll) 1010

And the Trumpistas go insane again, finding that minor infractions of security protocols is not the equivalent a revealing a U.S. NOC agent as part of a criminal conspiracy to endanger U.S. WMD spying.
Hint: No criminal charges against the Conspirators Cheney and Bush then either

Comment Re:Nobody wanted to hear it (Score 1) 33

no one in America ever cared about freedom FOR THE WEAK, at least not at the ballot box.
Freedom for the strong? Well, let's go have another war fought by the poor to enrich the few!!
The people who should be "Shocked" and "Awe"d by our warmongering are the people who are profiting from it.
And there you find Finance and Tech, sucking up the profits in boxloads
No one at NSA had to create the fiber-break router-intercept boxes.
Finance paid for them, and Tech built them ON SPEC, hoping for the profits
And as Snowden showed us, boy did they reap!

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