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Comment Children, children, children (Score 1) 883

There will never be a minimum guaranteed anything but early death for the worker bees who do all the work and that does NOT include the dynastic inheritance class of Trump, Bush, Kerry, Gates, RMoney et al.
Because, at the end of the day, Capital produces nothing. Capital HOLDERS profit by limiting access to tools and resources needed to get work done, and charge for permitting some to profit while others languish
This is how the owners like the world to run, so get used to it.

Comment Re: Monitoring =/= Rights Infringement (Score 1) 277

No, it is a RIGHT of Congress to federalize for any reason or none at all, and Article 1 REQUIRES that all Militia shall be disciplined as CONGRESS shall dictate
I take it you have selective reading disorder
Try reading Article one section 8. It will tell you about the militia purpose to REPEL INVASION, PUT DOWN INSURRECTION (yep, including secession) for the FEDERAL government.

Comment Re:mdsolar (Score 1) 108

And the billions spent on non-proliferation "preventative military actions" should burden all commercial nukes (same theory)
MOST solar are predicated on Gallium, indium, aluminum and phosphorous.
None of them but indium is scarce to speak of, nor uses particularly dangerous chemicals in and of themselves.
Maximizing profit means using more, rather than less, recycling of the HF based etchants and as for energy consumption, MAYBE you should look at the difference between the costs of ore processing for uranium and that of sand.
I get it, you're waiting for your Koch check, but reality just isn't that flexible.
Nukes are far more expensive in absolute terms (ask Tepco) and always will be.

Comment Re:mdsolar (Score 1) 108

Yes, reprocessing, that has worked out SOO well for the only people really doing it, the French.
They wound up selling metal grade Plutonium by the ton, rather than pay for storage and guarding.
And yes,they are in real trouble with long term storage, just like us.
The salt caves did not serve, with subsidence and water intrusion
Because reprocessing isn't even a good bandaid.
It's rolling trains full of high level, century lethal radiocargo on predictable tracks that can be hijacked
That or heavily armed
either way, solar beats it.

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