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Comment Re:GB is doing it, China is doing it (Score 1) 79

No, it isn't.
Freedom is predicated on the willingness of one sector of government to prohibit action by ANOTHER sector of government
This is why your Militia rights are contingent on you being of service TO the government in preventing INSURRECTION (article 1, section 8, powers of Congress includes to use the Militia to suppress citizen uprising aka. insurrection)

Comment Re:You'd love to believe that, i'm sure (Score 1) 725

Bullshit. The electoral college is a direct violation of the 14th Amendment guarantee of equal rights, privileges and immunities.
being an AMENDMENT, that is, a change to the document, the 14th supercedes.
Hopefully we will get a gridlocked senate until Chelsea Clinton can appoint an actual lawyer to the Supreme Court for review.

Comment Re:You'd love to believe that, i'm sure (Score 1) 725

Rather did not own nor produce the "Fake but true" documents
Neither did he bring them into the Corporation
Trump lost the Democrats and Independents by 2 million votes and counting
Trump won the red States and three Purple states with appeals to white supremacy as in "Black Lives Matter is racist"
So who is being dishonest here?

Comment Re:What about the Left Wing Fake News (Score 2) 725

Care to demonstrate any FAKE news from NY Times?
They have made mistakes (Judith Miller and WMD for example) and issued retractions and apologies
Not Fox
Not newsmax
Not Freerepublic
Not Infowars
Not Limbaugh
Not Beck
That is what separates the real from the illusion
A total lack of accountability

Comment Fake news and freedom cannot coexist. (Score 1) 725

When lying in order to win control of policy results in a majority being overruled by a minority, for the express purpose of removing the liberties of the more powerless of citizens, creating an alternative 'reality' of fake facts, nothing can be accomplished
Even the need for simple self-correction is gone thanks to people like Faux's Roger Ailes, creator of such lies as "Benghazi" and "WMD found in Syria but no one can locate it now"

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