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Comment Re:Just a guess.. (Score 1) 190

Silver carrying microwaves prevents surface oxidation "bubbling" or isolation of sub-millimeter standing wave stubs, since silver oxide is enough conductive to dissipate, rather than propagate, surface isolated stubs caused by corrosion.
The other reason has been mentioned, the mount points of many surface mount components, particularly capacitors, are silver/palladium, and leaching of silver into the liquid solder can crack or even dissolve the contact.
Both causes together make saturating the tin/copper/gold or Tin/gallium/copper alloy necessary to successful PCB construction

Comment Re:MAGA (Score 1) 124

I remind you that it is the issue of PREFERENTIAL disenfranchisement.
Some blacks do have those acceptable ID's. But the terms for getting or holding such ID are shaped by keeping the black vote down
As the judge in the North Carolina ID case noted, the Voter ID and early voting restrictions were strategically designed to minimize voting by blacks

suck on it racist thugs!

Comment Re:1% (Score 1) 306

... note that there's many more rich people than their used to be. (But, also more poor people, thanks Obama and Bush).

Wrong. It started with Nixon and accelerated under Reagan.
Prior to Reagan, the median income was 28% of the median of the top 1%
After Reagan, it was 18%
thanks to his two recessions (82-83 and 87) the number of poor, defined as 1/3 or less of the median, doubled
And wages, stagnated or fell in every Republican administration since.
Wages under Obama ARE rising.
Who is prepared to bet that will end?

Comment Re: Doesn't work! (Score 5, Insightful) 124

Certainly there won't be while oil continues to get subsidies to the tune of 40 BILLION per year, not counting the hundreds of billions spent to, as Dick Cheney said in 1999 his open letter to Bill Clinton demanding an attack on Iraq, "secure ...a significant portion of the world's oil"
now, what were you saying about economics?
Let the profiteer pay the costs and electric cars will dominate the road

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