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Comment Wow. Low level Computer geek refuses to be baited (Score 1) 610

by red scare liars
Seriously, Trey, after the debacles of your Benghazi SEVENTH investigation, do you think anyone would allow you free access?
You already have been informed that the 5th Amendment protections are in force, that your limited grant does not cover all questions (vitiating a 5th Amendment defense) and you are surprised that you can't get what you want?
You ignorant chump, you have NO, repeat ZERO credibility.
Justice will not prosecute for you, and you have no legal power to enforce any claim of Contempt absent a judicial warrant
Give it up clown!

Comment Re:elites pimping nostalgia (Score 2) 57

He's ignoring the economics.
Absent the Soviet closed economy, Putin is at least 12 trillion / year short of the necessary national income to pay for a new string of wars.
Where will he get the tools, the raw materials from China, the newest radar / lidar / standing wave receive only tech?
Not for free. And it will take 3 decades to catch up with where we are now
Of course, a few more ignorant spendthrift projects like the F-35 and he can just walk in, waiting for our "superior aircraft" to take a nosedive against the F-16's he can buy from Argentina

Comment Thank Captialism for Capitalist failures (Score 1) 222

While Libertarians repeat their Ayn Rand mantras, reality intrudes
Without government, Captialism will always seek monopoly control, either natural or political.
Creating corporate persons accelerated this process
And now, our political bodies are for sale to the highest bidders
Thus, monopolies.
Where is Teddy Roosevelt when we need him?

Comment Re: They're boring in a good way (Score 1) 248

WRONG! As G. Tenet testified to the Senate in 2004, Bush KNEW the Curveball claims were likely false and ORDERED the CIA to doctor their report to Congress to eliminate all reference to Curveball being a fraud and liar
so, the WMD claims were false
He KNEW they were false
He covered up the certainty that the claims were false.
So yes, it's a lie
Cheney can take some credit, but the entire Project for a New American Century clique were placed in Intelligence (including Douglas Feith) to create a false story and Bush, not Cheney, did that.

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