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Comment Re:Don't think so! (Score 2, Interesting) 1123

I too have had several great high paying IT jobs with only 1 year of college and 5 years of crypto in the Army. College helps mostly when you are just starting out, it gets you in the door. Once you've had a good job with good references in IT, especially 5-10 years worth, it makes less of a difference. The military will really help you out. Many hiring managers will be ex-military and recognize your worth. Also, many managers that I've had regard the military higher because for many careers, it shows that you can do more than what college requires. Regardless, you'll have to have something compelling to offer. Every job I've had listed a college degree as a requirement, but obviously it wasn't. If you have experience, great. If not, then you'll have to convince the hiring manager that you're smart, motivated and will work for less, or maybe on contract until you prove yourself. I learned a lot on my first job with EDS. It didn't pay great at first, but after several years it did and it really helped propel me in my next and next jobs.


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