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Journal Austrian Anarchy's Journal: Guardians of the Galaxy short review 2

Guardians of the Galaxy a short review. I don't rehash what most of the other reviewers said, and links are provided to some good ones, along with an interview of James Gunn. Focus is more on some of the Easter Eggs or Hat Tips to other work I noticed. Plus, video of some of the songs used in the film by Redbone and The Runaways. Hope you enjoy.

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Guardians of the Galaxy short review

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  • You mention the length of trailers and what not. Noticed this when I was home in the US this summer. Here in Hungary it's a lot nicer. I reserved our seats in the morning, on-line. We showed up about half an hour before show time to buy them. Then we hung out at a book store and toy store in the mall for a little bit and went into the theater about 10 minutes before the movie started. We took our seats, watched 3 trailers maybe and the film started. Really nice.

    When I took my son to see the new Transformers

    • I wish I could remember the order the songs came in the movie. Figured that would be easy enough to find later, but nope, the "Awesome Mixtape" album is decidedly not in movie order and I can't find the actual order online yet either. Guess I need to go see it again in 3D and take notes :)