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Comment It would be illegal (Score 2) 301

In the United States if a border agent asks for your cellphone and you wipe it right there, you've just broken the law. You can now be charged with an obstruction of justice charge. Now if you wipe your phone on the flight or before you're interacting with the border agent, then you've done nothing. But once they ask for it, any actions you do to delete the information on that device is illegal.

Comment Apple Long Game - Cut of everyone's pie (Score 1) 595

This is all apart of Apple's long term strategy of making sure they get a piece of everything sold that runs on or connects to their devices. This started with forcing all apps to be installed and bought through their market place, no side loading allowed without rooting. Then it continued when they moved to a proprietary connector so that they got a cut of the pie from all of the manufacturers who made accessories/devices that connected to their bottom port. Now you'll have to buy a lightning to 3.5mm adapter or headphones that connect to their lightning port if you want wired headphones. Either way Apple makes money. In a couple of years they'll phase out audio over Bluetooth for a new proprietary standard that'll improve audio quality, use less battery, blah, blah, blah. So that Apple will get a cut of that pie as well. Wouldn't surprise me then after that, they'll phase out Bluetooth all together because their new proprietary standard is just so awesome.

Hacking the US Prescription System 78

An anonymous reader writes: It appears that most pharmacies in the US are interconnected, and a breach in one leads to access to the other ones. A security advisory released [Friday] shows how a vulnerability in an online pharmacy granted access to prescription history for any US person with just their name and date of birth. From the description linked above: During the signup process, prompts users for their identifying information. In the end of the signup rocess, the user is shown a list of their existing prescriptions in all other pharmacies in order to make the process of transferring them to easier. ... To replicate this issue, an attacker would be directed to the website and choose the signup option. As long as the full name and the date of birth entered during signup match the target, the attacker will gain access to the target's full prescription history.

Comment Still waiting for a realistic solution (Score 1) 288

According to "security experts" a human being is supposed to remember 100+ unique passwords with no English dictionary words that's rotated every x days and absolutely never ever make a password list. I'd like to meet and test the "security expert" who lives by this rule, because for the vast majority of human beings, this isn't possible. So maybe they should try to figure out a realistic solution. Solutions like this will only cause more centralized password lists which really defeats the purpose of these hard to crack passwords, if one password gets them all.

Comment GlobecommSystems (Score 1) 175

This is the company I work for and we provide global satellite access. Honestly you'd have to talk to our sales department for prices, but we do have coverage in South America and Alaska. We're a NASDAQ traded company that's been in the satellite business for a while.

Comment Highly Suspect Article (Score 1) 344

I'd take what that article says with a grain of salt. Some BBC UK writers have made up stuff before to put Obama and his administration in a bad light. They have no source for the claim that the NHTSA knew about the defect for 5 months and withheld that information. Joan Claybrook was head of the NHSTA from 1977 to 1981. So not exactly someone who knows details of a current NHSTA investigations. They link to a autoguide article that mentions the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety having an incident on the 2nd test, but they're not a government agency and don't report to government agencies. Lots of leaps being made with no evidence to back it up.

Comment GOG not the only place to get The Witcher 2 (Score 2, Informative) 724

You can also get it on Steam and D2D also with the 10% pre-order discount. The big deal about GOG having it was that it's the first time they've had a brand new game available first day in their store. Although CD Projekt owning GOG helped that.

Comment motionbox (Score 1) 227

One good place to go is They do have a pay option that give you more storage and a HD option for your video. You can upload 1280x720. It still uses flash player and has a download option. People viewing don't need to signup or subscribe to watch HD content. You can see an example of one of my videos at

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