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Comment THey're called hobbies (Score 4, Interesting) 346

And most of us have them. We leave work and work on something we're passionate about, but might not pay enough. Or might not pay at all. Or we volunteer at a charity. Or at our kid's school. This is nothing new, the number of people looking to make money from them is just increasing. Maybe. Its not like doing side jobs was ever that rare.

Comment Re:Suuure (Score 1) 56

clip on accessories make a lot of sense from a mobile perspective. Only having one device to carry over multiple means you have less chance of forgetting or leaving it somewhere and an easier time carrying it. The projector sounds really cool. I'd never carry around a wireless one, I might do the clipon.

Comment Re:What is the appeal of these things? (Score 1) 129

Putting it on my wrist doesn't add convenience, it detracts from it- you're forcing me to use a tiny display with unusably small text. Taking my phone out of my pocket takes 0 effort. It provides literally a negative benefit and makes the experience worse. That's why sales are plummeting.

ANd no, I don't think a watch is more convenient even for telling time. I'd rather have a compact device in my pocket and not have to remember putting on a watch, or deal with the discomfort of wearing one. A phone beats it even for that.

Comment Re:What is the appeal of these things? (Score 1, Insightful) 129

My phone combines other devices and puts them in one spot- with a screen big enough to use and small enough to put in my pocket. Putting it on my wrist adds 0 functionality, increases the likelihood it will break, is uncomfortable, and makes it much harder to write a decent UI for. The first thing I did when I realized my first cell phone told the time was throw out my watch.

Comment Hell no (Score 5, Insightful) 151

A not yet finalized version of an OS on my primary device? My primary device only does security upgrades- I can't afford for my primary device to go down for days while I try to get it to work. Now my secondary device like a phone I'd consider it- but still I'd probably wait for 2 or 3 releases later before doing so seriously.

Comment Re:Cost of Living Tradeoffs (Score 1) 163

That was what is known in colloquial circles as "a joke". The interviewer didn't literally want you to grow a beard, he was trying to make light conversation to prevent things from being awkward and build rapport. You didn't lose the job because of lack of a beard, you lot it because you either flubbed the interview or you acted like an asshole in response to said joke.

Comment Re: median vs average (Score 1) 622

I buy only new. I know nothing about cars, don't have a deep interest in them to want to learn to maintain them, and have no place to do so anyway (home ownership is actually a huge money loser and cost me at least 300k over renting- and I broke even on the damn thing on paper). However I keep it until it's unreliability becomes a problem or it breaks beyond worth of repairing. My current car is 16 years and going strong. My major consideration is whether to replace some of the ripping leather on the driver's seat. Given it's mileage is 60k, I expect it will hit 20 years before I replace it. At which time I'll get another new car, in cash, and expect it to lay till I'm 60+. Buying used is took risky if you don't know about cars.

Comment Re:US Legal system (Score 1) 571

How else would you get your money back? The only way to take someone to court is to sue them. There is small claims court in the US which has a maximum amount (differing by state). But even then it can cost- lets say you're suing Comcast, because they suck. Comcast isn't a person. THey have to hire a lawyer, either on payroll or off. So there's still cost involved.

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