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Comment Re:Asinine. (Score 0) 406

I do want an open and unrestricted flow of weapons and ammunition because I know that I have more to fear from my government than any criminal. We should be keeping track of the criminals, not the weapons. If we put the criminals away when we catch them then things like background checks and registration is pointless. But there are those in government don't want to govern, they want to rule. It's real hard to rule if the people can defend themselves against tyranny.

So you expect to be able to have nuclear weapons in your personal arsenal?

Comment Re:Johnson and anti-incumbent (Score 1) 380

against abortion

Thou shalt not kill

Those two are kind of the same thing...

Plus, the real quote is usually translated as "You shall not murder"(hebrew "rasah") which is different from kill. If somebody is trying to kill you, the bible does not say that you cannot defend yourself, which goes well with gun rights.

Of course, if the woman is pregnant as a result of adultery or pre-marital intercourse, we should just stone her to death and "hope" the unborn child survives?

Comment Re:Asinine. (Score 1) 406

The case that is the subject of TFA is far far far from over. This was a denial of an appeal to a request for a preliminary injunction before the real case has run its course.

If you think the Second Amendment is only to ensure the public is sufficiently armed to take down the government, then you are opening up a much wider hole and a lot more potential for chaos than even the NRA.

What we need is a balance of interests. The NRA never advocates for such a balance, only the open free unrestricted flow of weapons and ammunition to anyone who wants them. They will claim publicly that they favor a balance, but that isn't what they push for in legislation.

Comment Re:Asinine. (Score 1) 406

Unfortunately there is no politician that agrees with all of my positions on all issues. But the ones I have the most disagreements with are on the Right.

I clicked on a bunch of your links (the youtube has suffered a takedown, btw) and almost all of those are re: assault weapons and high capacity weapons/magazines. I'm not surprised people get more upset about those when they really are overkill for any hunter worth their salt (and yes, I've hunted with bows and arrows as well as rifles... never saw the need for semi-automatics).

I tend to favor letting people own them, but I also favor registering them and having robust training and licensing. The NRA seems to want unlimited rights with no regulations, precautions or monitoring, apparently.

Comment Re: Unconstitutional (Score 1) 406

Shit, we could be 7 weeks away from electing one of the two most unscrupulous candidates to ever run for president, and you _still_ want people to give up the only thing that denies the government absolute power.

Saying it is the "only" thing is not accurate. I actually think the "primary" thing standing in they way of a tyrannical government are the countless government employees and members of the armed forces who would refuse to follow such orders and would actively work to prevent them from being implemented. That includes the bureaucracy and military chain of command.

Comment Re:Asinine. (Score 2) 406

You are a disingenuous lying scumbag if you think the end goal of most progressive/liberal/democrats wouldn't be a ban on purchase or possession of all semi-automatic weapons.

Now now, to be fair, he'd only be a disingenuous lying scumbag if he thought they WOULD take the guns and was SAYING they wouldn't in an attempt to mislead you. If he does actually think "...the end goal... wouldn't be a ban..." then you should claim he is mistaken... or to use your vernacular "a pathetic ignorant scumbag" perhaps.

Personally, I agree with him. I'm a liberal and so are most of my friends. And none of us want to outright ban/collect legally owned guns.

Comment Re:There are two warnings in the app about this. (Score 1) 175

Personally, I think the app should be fully disabled while moving fast passenger or not.

Would you kindly submit a list of which apps should be disabled and which apps should be allowed to function while moving at a certain speed? Do you believe that behavior should be forced by the app or the OS? Who makes these decisions? Should it vary by jurisdiction? What about in a taxi cab, on a train or a bus? Should we have a different standard or even law for all these scenarios? Or we could, you know, have a trial and determine if the driver was criminally negligent regardless of what activity he/she was engaged in?

Comment Re:They apparently need to add another pop up (Score 4, Interesting) 175

I disagree entirely. Ingress is much BETTER than Pokemon Go in this respect. In Ingress, things don't move or disappear. If you see something on your scanner, you can pull off the road, park, deal with it, etc. If you miss it you can turn around and drive back and it will still be there. Pokemon, on the other hand, appear and disappear in completely random places with no predictability. This leads to much more sudden actions by the player and pressure to respond. This makes it much MORE dangerous, IMHO.

Comment Re:breach (Score 1) 97

You know, these sorts of men (and they are always men) are young nerdy men who have been totally fucked over by society. With every breath, with every word, including your comment, society rejects them harshly. And they know it. Boy, do they get the message loud and clear. It's blatantly clear that they are worthless and might as well commit suicide.

Ya think that might have something to do with the way they turned out? If society hates you, you might as well hate back, right? I mean, it's the argument you're using and you're taking the moral high ground.

Read your comment again and tell me about sociopathy?

Wait, what??? If only "young nerdy men" had some sort of positive role models... examples of success by other young nerdy men in society... If only "nerd" could carry a more positive connotation than it has in the past... Are we back in the 90's?

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