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Comment Comment from beta player (Score 1) 157

Planetside 1 was already something.
10 years ago you could play with 300 other people on persistent maps far bigger than other FPS of that time.

Now Planetside 2 offers to play up to 2000 players at the same time on the same map (instance). Something I have never seen elsewhere. Even in Eve online (not followed Eve for 2 years though).

Sure you need to be organized with so much people. And the game becomes really interesting when your outfit (guild) can align many people. And when you are organized.

For instance on Miller server (the biggest European server) our French outfit (French Connection) aligns more than 80 players during our Friday night ops. This is real thrill to be part of such massive group. Which is finally only 1/6 of all other Vanu players !

Editor Sony has chosen F2P to monetize the game. And sure they push to have you pay.
But seriously nothing is free in this world and many players choose to spend money as they would with any non F2P other game.

For curious people, here are our films (sorry, in French when we speak).

Comment carebear dream (Score 1) 388

> "when civilizations are close enough together in time and space, they can come into contact and when this happens the cross-fertilization of ideas and cultures allows them both to flourish in a way that increases their combined lifespan."

This is a positive stand which is unproved by history.

During centuries human societies have eradicated other societies they felt inferiors.
Even during this "enlightment century" we have been witnessed of slaughters. Darfour is just a close example.

I strongly oppose statement that human car fertilize any idea with aliens. It is a carebear dream.

Hope aliens will never encounter Human race.

Comment what it did to my 11'000 computers (Score 3, Informative) 233

we have 11K computers

only XP SP3 computers were impacted
whether running Virus Scan 8.7 or 8.5

but in fact less than 100 computers were impacted,
1% compared to our total

one thing that helped
was employees had started to leave after work when update propagated
and they shutdown computer when they leave

it could have been a nightmare
we were very lucky

Comment invasion ? probably yes (Score 4, Funny) 221

"so perhaps the USA will launch an invasion to free the poor downtrodden Kiwis from their own evil government?"

That is probably true.
Since there is rumor CNN might have proof that Bin Laden has been seen there for vacation.

People also say he is accompagnied by Sadam Hussein and Joseph Stalin.
Who are said to have found some oil offshore.

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