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Comment Re:also known for the UFO TV series (Score 1) 129

I grew up with Gerry Anderson's shows from the early 1960s - I always wanted to be Joe 90 and get things downloaded into my brain (still do) and also think UFO is the best GA show. Dark themes with a cool look (the theme music is great too).

Now back to the point... In the UFO books, yes, there are books, you learn that the purple wigs are in fact anti-static devices! No idea about the miniskirts and knee-high boots though.


Submission + - Man arrested at airport for wearing ornate watch. ( 2

whoever57 writes: A man was arrested at Oakland airport and charged with having bomb-making materials. The materials? An ornate watch and extra insoles in his boots. Despite the bomb squad determining that there was no bomb, the spokesman for the Alameda county sherriff's department claimed that he was carrying "potentially dangerous materials and appeared to have made alterations to his boots, which were unusually large and stuffed with layers of insoles". Linked in has a profile for a person with a matching name that (Geoffrey McGann) who is the owner and creative director of a media production company called Generator Conten

Submission + - Dennis Ritchie has died (

rjh writes: "Dennis Ritchie, father of both C and UNIX, has died at age seventy. (English-speaking news outlets haven't yet picked it up yet, but Google Translate does well with the link.) In a career that not only spanned modern computing but defined it, he developed many tools and systems that we take for granted today. He received a Turing Prize in 1983 for his services to the industry, but even then he didn't slow down: he had a sterling career with Bell Labs and Lucent until finally retiring in 2007."

Comment Re:Curious... (Score 2) 272

We're already taking the drugs "far nastier and more dangerous than mere LSD". A lot of the time they don't work and they don't work the same across all sufferers. I'm only a episodic cluster head (a lucky one) but the side effects of the meds that work for me and can stop an attack cluster are such that I prefer to ride it out without them. More info at

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