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Comment Re:One of Our Cancers (Score 1) 529


You should choose your words more carefully. In fact, Torrent-Finder did not "distribute" copyrighted material, but simply linked to other sites that distributed copyright material. AFAIK, merely linking is legal, where as actual distribution is not. Besides the point, you can search for torrents on both Google and Bing, yet those sites were not seized? In fact, I bet their database of torrents is as large as or larger than Torrent-Finders. So, I have a problem with this because they are going outside the law to take down a site that should not have been taken down because the **AA's demanded it.

As for selling counterfeit materials; I have seen many sites seized that were not actually selling counterfeit materials, but were merely linking to items on Ebay. In some cases, the items were not counterfeit, but were selling under Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price and ranking higher on Google for the said products. The Manufacturers did not like this and had the sites seized claiming it was counterfeit items. If it was really counterfeit, they should have went after Ebay, but they did not because the items were legitimate, but the site had the misfortune of doing a better job of SEO to a product that the Manufacture did not want to compete against.

Please do not blindly accept that what your government is telling you is accurate and legal. In some cases, it’s easier to sick the government on someone competing with you than to actually compete on price. If want an example, please check out page 2 of a google search for a certain high end shoe manufacturer. Scroll all the way to the bottom. Yes, the example is using the DMCA, but isn't what the OP is talking about the extreme abuse of the DMCA powers?

Comment Re:I'm Pretty Sure That's Illegal (Score 1) 266

You were played..... First, there is a statute of limitations for a debt. Second, unless you waived all rights when you went to this website, you have plenty of rights.

If the debt is yours, settle it up, but make sure you have in writting that they will remove the debt from your credit reports and that they will provide you with a statement showing paid in full.

If the debt is not yours, then you can do the above just to be done with it or you can fight it. If you want to fight it, then I suggest you go to the and start reading up. There is ton's of information there on how to deal with this.

Comment Re:Erroneously Aggregating Enemies (Score 1) 322

Your business model is all wrong. You concerned about milking it, rather than simply making money.

Upload your videos to Youtube for free. Let them pay for all of the hosting/bandwidth and make your money through their shared revenue model. Can you imagine how targeted the ads would be for specific makes/models? I get the feeling the Click Through Rate would be slightly higher than normal if they do a good job of matching the ads to the content. Not to mention, the life expectancy of these videos is about 10-20 years. That's a long time for something you did one time to make you money, over and over again.

Comment Re:*Yawn* Local Root Exploit (Score 1) 488

It doesn't matter if your host gives you SSH or not. I lock all of my websites down through Jail Shell, but one little XSS via an open source software (because I'm lazy and don't stay on top of every single update) allows them to upload PHPShell. From there, they have Shell access via a webpage on your site.

If you run PHP as an apache mod, then all the commands executed via PHPShell run as the apache process. It's amazing the trouble they can create with this.

It's part of the reason I've started running PHP as cgi, but even that has it's problems.

Comment Consider This..... (Score 5, Insightful) 148

Cisco has a huge install base for business VoIP. Most of those businesses connect to land lines via traditional T-1 circuits. If Cisco integrated the Skype infrastructure with all those business customers, they could route calls over the Skype network bypassing the Telco's. From what I have seen, the average business long distance rate is 2-3 cents a minute. Cisco could charge 1 cent a minute and still make a fortune because they have such a large base of customers.

Now, what if they did the same for International calling?

I think it's going to move Skype away from Consumers and into the Business world where the real money is.

Comment Re:More Info & Dashboard (Score 1) 1657

And yet you touch upon the only thing that can actually have any impact on humans affecting global warming. There need to be a lot less humans on this planet. And the only way that is going to happen is for billions to die off. It's the Earths way of correcting itself.

Besides, nothing we can do will prevent global warming as long as their are billions of people who continue having babies. We might slow it down, but there is no stopping what's coming until humans no longer walk the Earth.

Oh, and good luck getting the whole world to stop having babies.

Comment Re:Once In A Lifetime People! (Score 1) 330

Here is where I have a problem. took down the whole server. What they should have done was get a tarball of all the offending material and provide that to the government, then contact the host and tell them to disable the accounts in question and to destroy the sites. Instead, they took down all those legitimate sites. The worst part is they won't even let the host retrieve the rest of the legitimate sites.

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. - Ben Franklin

Comment Re:He had high security turned on that block passw (Score 1) 502

He had high security turned on that blocked password recovery as some of the network stuff was out in open at some sites and not in a locked room. With the high security you have to do a full reset to get back in without a password.

Which I would like to add is a standard Security Practice according to the DoD rule's for Network Security. As a CCIE and a person who understands Security, I would have expected nothing less from him.

Comment Re:If he wins will he have to retest for certifica (Score 1) 502

The CCIE is comprised of two tests. The first is a written test taken at a standard testing center, IE Pearson VUE. Once you have passed the written, you can then take an 8 hour lab test as a Cisco facility. Passing both will grant you a CCIE.

Cisco's rules for CCIE re-certification require a CCIE to pass a CCIE written test every two years to maintain certification. You do not have to take the lab test again unless you fail to pass the written in the two year time-frame.

Given he has been in prison for 18 months, I would speculate that he will miss the 2 year deadline. I don't see Cisco making an exception for him either.

Which is a shame, because as a Network Engineer, I feel he did nothing wrong. Of course, even if he wins the trial, he has still lost a lot due to the personal costs involved.

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