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Comment Re:Butthurt (Score 5, Insightful) 210

In all honesty, though, their workplace policies aren't all that bad. I've worked as an IT analyst for the CRA for a few years. I regularly had to interact with employees that manned the phones and made friends out of a few of them, all of whom eventually quit. Essentially, the workplace environment isn't all that bad (I'd even go as far as to say that it's relatively nice). However, those who quit explained to me that they felt like they were slowly dying from the inside. See, their job is to call people owing the government money and essentially threatening them of legal action until they would pay up. Calling that one guy who owns a yacht and hasn't paid his taxes in 4 years feels okay, satisfying even. It's when they have to call a grandmother living alone in a small apartment, who breaks down in tears when they tell her the amount she owes that their job gets rather excruciating.

Submission + - Atari's oddest products (technologizer.com)

harrymcc writes: "For a company synonymous with early video games, Atari spent a lot of its early history trying to break into other businesses. It made jukeboxes, pinball machines, a primitive digital jukebox, a very early videophone, a music-visualization box and more. Over at Technologizer, Benj Edwards looked at these oddities, plus some of the more obscure and interesting early Atari video games."

Submission + - Researchers Create First General-Purpose Programmable Quantum Computer (gizmag.com)

Zothecula writes: To date, quantum computers have been implemented so that programming their operation was, in essence, hardwired into their essential structure. Although many useful demonstrations of quantum computing have resulted from such special-purpose devices, they are basically one-problem computers which cannot easily be reprogrammed or scaled to attack larger problems. As early models of practical quantum computers, they don't make the grade. Recently, however, John Martinis' research group at the University of California at Santa Barbara has created the first general-purpose programmable quantum computer.

Submission + - What really happened on board Flight AF447 (popularmechanics.com)

iB1 writes: On the 1st June 2009, Air France flight AF447 crashed into the sea with the loss of all 228 people on board.

Roughly two years later, the flight controllers were finally found, and the information used to piece together what happened on that fateful morning.

This is a report by Jeff Wise of the mistakes that the pilots made with transcripts taken from the flight records. It's surprisingly harrowing to read.


Ask Slashdot: Is Your Data Safe In the Cloud? sponsored by: SourceForge 332

With so much personal data being kept on the cloud, including government and health records or your source code, do you have any concerns about it falling into the wrong hands? Do you think the cloud's benefits are outweighed by continuing security issues?

Submission + - Top 10 HTML5 Threats and Attack Vectors (net-security.org)

Orome1 writes: Since HTML5 applications are supported by mobile devices, you can create your application once and run it on several devices and browsers. Each time, every new technology stack throws up new security challenges and vulnerabilities. HTML 5, though very promising, is no different. There are security concerns that need to be addressed when creating applications. Let us look at the top 10 possible attack vectors associated with HTML5 and modern browser architecture.

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