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Comment Re:The internet made you stupid (Score 1) 295

Absolute bullshit.

For one thing, she wasn't necessarily stupid; she used proper spelling and punctuation in one reply, she obviously chose to type that way.

Secondly, even if she was typing like a retard it would be her shoddy genes and half-hearted upbringing that would have "made her stupid". Not the internet. One thing the internet hasn't done is made people stupid.

Comment Re:BBC talking about changing language is irony (Score 2, Informative) 295

Are you a troll or are you honestly suggesting that the BBC should use "American English"?

Reg you lay toe ree : This is correct
Drugs War : This is correct (it's the "War on Drugs")
Drink Driving : This is fine (ie "Don't drink and drive")
Al bee nizm : It's pronounced "Albeeno" in Britain
BBC Sport : What could possibly be wrong with this?
Sigh rah que suh : Seriously, how often is this word said on the BBC?
Aw say kah : Same as above

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