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Comment Re:Analysis from the Washington Post (Score 1) 223

'This new schedule represents a delay of six weeks with respect to the previous schedule, which foresaw the LHC "cold [sic?????] at the beginning of July".

Nothing wrong with that sentence. The LHC runs at 4 degrees Kelvin (or -269 degrees celsius). It takes weeks to cool it to that temperature so if the goal is "cold at the beginning of July" that means everything is sealed up (no more human access) and they start cooling by the beginning of June.


Comment Re:They have a point (Score 1) 464

Anyway, you want snappy response, use Linux. Want modern Windows OS, that's Vista. XP to Vista is like 2000 was to XP - people said they'll switch to Linux and were throwing tantrums on Slashdot but guess what? Now NO ONE uses 2000 anymore.

Maybe that should say no one you know uses 2000 anymore? My home PC still has 2000 on it, and the only issue I have with it is the drivers for its wireless card. It sometimes requires a reboot to unconfuse it, but that's not really a big deal since I turn it off at night anyway. It's loaded with all the applications I use on my XP PC at work (including CAD, FPGA design, and PC board design) with no compatibility problems. Why haven't I upgraded? Because there nothing wrong with it the way it is.

XP is certainly a better OS, but I don't NEED a better OS. And that's where Microsoft has a problem with users like me, I have zero incentive to look at their new products.

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