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Comment I agree that C++ sucks and I feel really alone... (Score 1) 878

The computer should never be allowed into an erroneous state. If an instruction does do that, it should not be allowed. So for example, if I do

#include "SomeHeaderFile.h"
and end up with a compiler error that SomeHeaderFile.h is not found...that means the IDE allowed me to do something stupid. Furthermore, it should know about possible dependencies and lead the programmer to possible dependencies.

If a function signature is
void MyFunction( int iParamOne, int iParamTwo );
and I do something like
bool bParam = false;
MyFunction( bParam, 1234 );
the IDE should stop me.

char* pLetters = new char[64];
Even the worst programmers might not do this, but I'm just making a point. Anyway, etc... with these types of ideas.

Almost every bug on the planet is a result of something stupid that really could be detected by the IDE/Compiler. I've never seen someone find a bug and say "My code was brilliant" These types of things shouldn't even be happening anymore.

The reason I feel really alone, is that everyone I know thinks these kinds of things are no big deal. Even if you waste 5 seconds as a programmer, that can add up to significant amounts of time and brain cycles.

One should never perform the same task twice on a computer, else they have missed the point of automation.

Comment End User vs. Developer (Score 1) 718

If you were a naive end user, I can't even imagine why you would consider Ubuntu. It has come a long way since Red Hat, but it's not even close to Windows. It doesn't have the software that Windows has, or ease of use. As long as you're giving software away for free, it's going to be limited in functionality. Most people aren't willing to work for free and this stuff doesn't develop itself. Although we should get there soon, open source will never get us there.

As a developer, the only reason to use Ubuntu is not having to deal with Microsoft's licensing agreements. From a business perspective, I believe it's well worth the licensing fees to get up and running way quicker. All of the development tools in Ubuntu are atrocious. Codeblocks, JCreator, GDB are atrocious. These software tools are primitive for 10 years ago.

A Linux lover friend of mine was bragging that he built his own machine and installed Ubuntu. He paid $800, and I paid $600 for a pre built machine with Windows 7 already installed and MINE HAD BETTER SPECS. Take into account his time, and what sane person would think he got a better deal??? The final verdict. Don't ever use Ubuntu.

Comment Re:Fascism may be coming, But your examples are BS (Score 1, Insightful) 536

The Federal Government. Whatever law she supposedly broke contradicts the First Amendment which clearly states "Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of the press". The judge was incorrect with his decision.

There is no interpreting that amendment. There is nothing in there about national security. Her time in jail is a violation of the constitution.

I responded previously about the Schiff book and Jeian helped me out with the wiki entry.

Comment Re:Fascism is coming (Score 1) 536

If the government can ban fraudulent speech(even though it's not), then we don't have free speech.

Why should they have to bar anyone from advocating nonpayment of tax? People don't have to listen. They'll go to jail just like he did if they don't file a supposed "voluntary" return.

Why don't we see them going out and barring sales of the Ginsu Knife?

Comment Re:Fascism may be coming, But your examples are BS (Score 1) 536

The Federal Mafia was first published in 1980. was founded in 1994.

The media is(or should be) a balance of power. If the government can throw a reporter in jail for not testifying against her sources, then the balance of power shifts to the government. Now the government can do whatever it wants unchecked because all they have to do is throw anyone in jail who calls them out. Clearly we do not have a free media.

Comment Re:I would like to help, but why kid myself (Score -1, Offtopic) 536

Yes, the Campaign for Liberty is growing. Rand Paul got the nomination for the Senate. Ron Paul beats out Barack Obama in polls for President today.

People should see that the 2008 disaster was held off until just after Barack Obama and McCain got elected. Had the crisis happened one year earlier, and Ron Paul got Barack Obama treatment...Paul would have won easily. He's been calling these cronies and thugs out for 30+years!

And yes, the Tea Party which started with the Campaign for Liberty. Not the one CNN portrays it as.

Start supporting these events in your area, and donate even if it's a small amount. Get all your friends to donate too.

Comment Re:Fascism is coming (Score 1) 536

A political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition. (Taken from

In my words - The exact opposite of individual liberty. So in this case, the forcible suppression of opposition is what I'm referring to. I'm assuming that the blogs oppose the regime, and not giving the government the benefit of the doubt.

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