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Comment Re:No shit, and good riddance (Score 1) 207

Part of the issue was that one version of 'smart quotes' is only valid in specific windows character sets. Hence the brokenness when it goes through any system using a different character set/locale.

And unless care is taken you end up with sites claiming to be iso-8859-1 or similar in their headers but also including UTF-8 or the windows charset stuff and it just looks horrible with junk where the 'smart quotes' should be.

Comment Sadly not necessarily that 'stable' (Score 3, Informative) 120

I was looking for an update yesterday and found

From her brother:

But he later clarified his comments. “It’s not fair to say ‘stable’. I am not saying she is fine, or not fine,” he told Reuters by telephone. “She is in the ICU.” But in a subsequent interview he said many details about her condition or what caused the medical emergency are unknown.

Comment Re:Continuing via fork under new name 'LineageOS' (Score 1) 113

The loss of the infrastructure, especially the build servers and distribution network, is going to hurt them badly.

Agreed. I tried, and failed, to find anything OTHER than that github account yesterday. No social media accounts, no new blog, no website. I only hope that this is because they're not "ready" yet, and the announcement yesterday was rushed due to pending loss of access to the old site(s).

Comment Re:Goodbye Quality (Score 1) 69

"developed an annoying permanent yaw to the left, for which calibration has not worked to solve or alleviate"

I had exactly the same fault on my first Saitek X55. After some back and forth I got it replaced under warranty. A few months later that replacement had all the stick buttons stop working unless I twisted it 1/3 left or right. The initial attempt to solve that was a replacement stick handle (it's designed to be removed so you can change the re-centering spring, they supply 4 different ones). THAT handle had the same twist/rudder off-centre issue.

So they replaced the entire thing with an X56, which is mostly an X55 still, just a couple of new analogue thumbsticks replacing the old throttle mouse and one of the stick buttons (although that stick is also clickable as a button still).

I'm not confident, should I actually use it, that the X56 will have no issues before the 2 year warranty period is up.

In other words, I don't think Logitech can actually make the product quality worse.

Submission + - SingularDTV: using Ethereum for DRM on a sci-fi TV show about the Singularity (

David Gerard writes: SingularDTV is an exciting new blockchain-based entertainment industry startup. Their plan is to adapt the DRM that made $121.54 for Imogen Heap, make their own completely premined altcoin and use that to somehow sell two million views of a sci-fi TV show about the Singularity. Using CODE, which is explicitly modeled on The DAO ... which spectacularly imploded days after its launch. There's a white paper, but here's an analysis of why these schemes are a terrible idea for musicians.

Comment Re: "simply right click" (Score 2) 260

From TFA:

As you can see, Microsoft is making this change not only to Win32 software but also to Windows Store applications, as they’re playing an essential role for the future of Windows. Application manifests, which are mostly resources included in every executable file for compatibility reasons, will require apps to add a mention of this new policy, thus making sure that they support a path longer than 260 characters.

This means that unless it’s specified, the change won’t be supported, so apps will need to be updated by developers to benefit from this new behavior.

So, no, this shouldn't cause an issue unless a developer is stupid enough to put the required manifest information in without actually ensuring the code can handle the longer paths/filenames.

Comment Re:Remote quantum surveillance (Score 1) 238

I don't think any alien race is going to succeed in entangling all the particles in the Solar System, but even if they do they won't stay entangled for very long. Remember that a lot of the challenges to making viable quantum computers are preventing the entangled particles from interacting with anything else. If they do they're then no longer entangled.

Comment Re:Why do you need to know the state? (Score 1) 238

Someone more able to work in the detail of QM should comment.

Off the top of my head: I guess this is saying that if when they measure in this manner the result comes out in a certain way they know the photon still has an un-collapsed wave function? Presumably if it had a definite state it would be either vertically or horizontally polarised ? I'm still not sure that the wave function of the 'second' particle will actually show locally as having collapsed just because the 'first' particle was measured. It's just that when you perform a full measurement you'll get the complementary value.

As you say... where's the experiment to test this? I'm spouting "currently accepted theory in layman's terms", and it's possible that will be proven incorrect.

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