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Comment Re:Too many bodies, too few incentives. (Score 1) 487

Wait - you think your work should be funded by the taxpayer 'cause you're smart and you find your field interesting? Go use your own goddamned money to play in your lab.

That seems incredibly short-sighted and self-defeating. We use public funds (aka taxes) to pay for basic research because it is a public good. A public good means something we all benefit from, by the way. For example, even though I don't drive, I continue to pay for roads with my taxes because I derive a lot of indirect benefit from them, such as groceries being delivered to the market I buy from. Likewise, even though I don't have children and would love to not pay taxes that go to schools I realize that having an educated populace is a benefit to me so I don't mind paying for it. Basic research is similar in that it rarely produces immediate, tangible results, but does contribute in many ways to the products and services that we do eventually see.

Comment Re:She has the wrong mindset for a judge (Score 2, Informative) 664

Any judge who speaks out in a professional manner about any activity's moral/ethical/philosophical components is not fit to rule. Those parts are reserved for the people to decide upon.

You may be correct, but that is really not relevant as she has never been a judge before. Would you advocate appointing as justices only those whom have never voiced an opinion before? That would limit the pool rather drastically, don't you think?

Internet Explorer

Steam UI Update Beta Drops IE Rendering For WebKit 244

Citing massive growth in their user base ("25 million users, 1000+ games, 12 billion player minutes per month, and 75 billion Steam client minutes per month"), Valve unveiled a revamped UI for Steam on Tuesday, opening the beta test to anyone who wants to try it out. There are many changes, and an increased focus on social features: "Right from within your own game Library, you can now track which of your friends plays each game or invite them to play one with you. Before you've even bought a game, knowing whether your friends play it is one of the most useful pieces of information to have. So on the store homepage, there's a new listing of what your friends have bought or played lately." Tracking games and achievements have both gotten simpler, and Valve has dropped the Internet Explorer rendering engine in favor of WebKit. An enterprising user also found files that may indicate the existence of an OS X Steam client.

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