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Comment Theatres are the studios' bitches (Score 1) 342

George Lucas and Star Wars stopped me from going to the movies (and I want to tell him that). I went to Phantom Menace and when I got home I was *still* infuriated about having to sit through about 50 commercials. All I could remember about the movie was the racial stereotyping. It was years before I went to another movie. I've seen about 6 films since that experience (The Prestige, Avatar, Storm Surfers, August Osage County, a Star Trek, and Snowden), all of them because someone with me wanted to go (except Avatar and SS; I wanted to see the new era of 3D and the surfing).

I NEVER even THINK about going to the movies because they charge you to ruin your afternoon or evening. If the price of admission was given to me by them, I still wouldn't go. That said, I really enjoyed Snowden and there was NO COMMERCIALS! I was stunned, but happy. Sad to say, they never turned out the house lights so my gf couldn't give me one without being seen. I really want to see Dr. Strange but will only go if I know they'll turn the lights out. ;)

Comment Re:Ellen Wood Speed Reading Course.... (Score 1) 207

> Circa 1976/1977

No, no. It was earlier than that. In fact, when the Batman show was on the air in the '60s, Burt Ward (who played Robin) was said to be a graduate of Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics and a MUCH speedier reader than is claimed for the system today ($700. ). The claim was VERY high, like 10,000 wpm, equivalent to reading Hamlet in 1 minute.

I read avidly before I went to school and was pretty much a black hole for text until the Interwebs went public and text became a black hole for me!!! So I've been FASCINATED with the idea of such overachieving reading since I first read that Robin could do it. Sadly, it was well out of my price range (and still is!) though I dearly wanted to read that fast. Thanks for bringing the system up and letting me find out its status today (still too pricey).

Comment Let's be frank (Score 1) 219

"countries with which the United States has a non-espionage pact. Those nations include Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand."

What a joke! The U.S. doesn't have to spy on those countries. They are already *willfully* a completely open book to ANY U.S. data-gobbler. Started decades ago. Has everyone (including Angela) forgotten Echelon? Old news!

Comment Terrible summary (Score 1) 178

You missed the beginning of the sentence, which was "Responding to questions from Alaska Sen." So your reading skills should have told you that the period after "Sen" was abbreviating Senator and not ending the sentence.

And here at Slashdot we all know what HAARP is.

Comment Re:Oh no (Score 1) 178

> just moved to a dark site

And they'll be right! Actually, "other ways to manage" probably means they've found a way to dramatically cost-reduce (and miniaturize) the ionosphere-controlling device. Something to fit on one of the big ships. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Comment Why Opera? (Score 1) 381

I've been using Firefox since version 0.3. (I think it was called Phoenix then.) I'd had both a Mac and a PC croak and got an old Mac Mini for my new desktop. It's plugged into my TV with a keyboard and mouse across the room. Sadly, the Mac display is too small and you can't scale it up! Instead of zooming up every page, I switched to Opera, which will let me set it to load every page at 150%. That's why I use Opera now.

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