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Submission + - Multiple Dinosaur tracks confirmed at NASA center (

SternisheFan writes: "At NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD, where some of the world’s most advanced research in space technology is being performed on a daily basis, paleontologists have discovered ancient evidence of dinosaurs on the Center’s wooded campus —at least two, possibly a mother and child, crossed that way between 112 and 110 million years ago and left their muddy footprints as proof.
        It’s thought that the nodosaurs were moving quickly since the tracks don’t show strong imprints of the animals’ heels. Still, the ruddy Cretaceous-era mud preserved their brief passage well —even as millions of years went by. “This was a large, armored dinosaur,” Stanford said. “Think of it as a four-footed tank. It was quite heavy, there’s a quite a ridge or push-up here. Subsequently the sand was bound together by iron-oxide or hematite, so it gave us a nice preservation, almost like concrete.” The next steps will be to have the site analyzed to ddcetermine whether further excavation is called for, and possibly to extract and preserve the existing footprints."


Submission + - Iran to Ban Women from Science and Engineering Classes (

jasper160 writes: An August 20th, 2012 announcement from Iran places restrictions on female university students. Iran will be cutting 77 fields of study from the female curriculum, making them male-only fields. Science and engineering are among those affected by the decree. The announcement came soon after the release of statistics showing that women were graduating in far higher numbers than men from Iranian universities and were scoring overall better than men, especially in the sciences.

Senior clerics in Iran's theocratic regime have become concerned about the social side-effects of rising educational standards among women.


Submission + - Starbucks To Sell Wine and Beer (

An anonymous reader writes: In an interesting turn of events Starbucks are about to roll out wine and beer in their coffee shops as well as ‘small plates’
Starting in the US and soon moving over to the UK after 4pm in Starbucks you will be able to order alcohol and plates from a tapas-style grazing menu. This is really a huge shift for the chain as it firmly moves them out of coffee house status.
On the grazing menu will be rosemary cashews, bacon-wrapped dates, flatbreads and chocolate fondue.
Wether the alcohol will be a hit or not who knows, Starbucks has firmly developed (especially in the evenings) as somewhere to go if you want to avoid drinking holes so to now bring the too together

Comment Better alternative. (Score 0) 346

What Facebook should of done is add their e-mail address as a secondary, and keep their current email set to the default. I'm sure nobody would of complained if they did it this way. Is it really that hard to think of something like this, instead of forcing people to use their email address instead and going behind our backs and changing our personal information? They can't say they didn't expect this kind of reaction, it's too obvious.

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