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Comment Genetic? (Score 1) 356

As stated above, low income can result in all the other conditions. Obviously, household income isn't a cause of autism, so you need to find the cause of low income.

Could it be autism or asperger's? Affected social skills, introversion, and other "quirks" could very well result in someone being unable to hold or progress financially in a job, forcing them to stay in a low-income area. And has been suggested in the Silicon Valley, when you put a bunch of people with asperger's together, the likelihood of them pairing up increases. If that's the case, then the cause becomes genetic, not environmental. The environment is simply a symptom of the problem.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 506

Because a company like Microsoft is a lagging indicator. 2008 profits would be largely from sales that came before the huge collapse. Some of these can be deferred to Q3/Q4 because the orders were made early with rolled-out delivery. Product lines like the X-Box and Zune would see sales boosts during the holidays, even if they were lower than expected.

But 2009 will be a year where companies and individuals decide that upgrading from XP or a previous version of Office can wait another year or two. People will buy more used games, or decide a Wii or lower-end X-Box would be a more cost-effective gift than the high-end model. In short, M$ will see a drop in revenue. Layoffs will not only trim the fat, but position the company to better retain profits while seeing reduced revenues.

Comment I'm moving! (Score 3, Funny) 287

That's it. First this right-wing government gets in, then Bev Oda starts pushing RIAA-like rules, and DMCA crap comes along.. and now anti-net-neutrality! I'm done. I'm moving to The USA where they don't have these prob.... oh... hrmm... Engla... no.. France? ehhh... Russia, here I come!

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