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Comment Re:This shows Microsoft's priorities (Score 1) 388

I Completely agree with you, especially about the chicken & egg thing. I would only add that a BIG part of the reason why we are where we are is because of the steady stream of marketing Microsoft has directed at developers since the 90's. To the previous reply, I would still argue that your customers are who you market to, and Microsoft doesn't pimp to anyone like they do to developers. Again, remember the monkeyboy. Peace.

Submission + - USB HDTV Tuner Stick for Windows & Linux

Mike writes: "A fairly comprehensive review of the Hauppage WinTV-HVT-950 USB HDTV tuner. Included in the review are specific instructions to install the unit in Linux, with Ubuntu's Edgy Eft. This portable device allows you to watch FREE over the air HDTV broadcasts on your desktop or laptop"

Submission + - Vista Beta Users Get First Taste of DRM

darkonc writes: "Some people testing Microsoft's Windows Vista got an unexpected holiday surprise: their TVs stopped working.... Microsoft blames this on the fact that they only licensed the MPEG2 CODED for RC1 until the end of 2006 (Beta users were told that the software was good until April), but even people with third party decoders can't access their content (both live and stored). This is how "Trusted Computing" is supposed to work. If somebody in Redmond (or elsewhere) decides that you can't use certain content, nothing that you try to do should allow you access — Owning the content, or obtaining the rights by some other path, is no defense.

5 million people downloaded RC1, and some have access to Vista Final or RC2 (100K copies downloaded). The rest will have to wait until the end of January to access their suddenly banned content."

Journal Journal: My Idea For An Electronic Voting System 1

Obviously, I'm leaving out a lot of important details, but I would like to propose the following electronic voting system. I welcome your comments and criticism - I am not interested in a voting system that cannot stand under scrutiny, we've already seen enough of that.

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