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Comment They had it coming. (Score 1) 390

Yes, I loved in-person browsing and I miss that with Netflix.

But no, I don't miss coming up to the register and finding that I had $7.90 in late fees. The final straw was when I didn't go for a month, and they sent $10 in late fees to a collection agency.

This is what it looks like when business models die.

Comment Not as silly as you might think... (Score 1) 156

Depends on what gets endorsed, of course. EA Sports Active is actually pretty intense if you follow it in good faith and use a decent resistance band.

The real key: it got me off my butt and moving for a few weeks, then I moved back onto the elliptical machine and got in decent shape for this spring. I can't complain about anything that gets you started & engaged.

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