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Comment Re:Nothings confirmed... (Score 1) 222

Or maybe it's even more devious. At this point, anything said on the station is posted to Wikipedia almost immediately. Their evil spy network doesn't even need to come up with a radio! Just check Wikipedia!

Comment Re:Censorship confusion. (Score 1) 664

I don't think it should be up to you to declare which carriers are and are not acceptable. I use my iPhone because I like the iPhone OS better than Android and the other stuff that's out there. I made this decision fully aware of Apple's ability to control exactly what I am and am not allowed to run on my phone, but, quite frankly, I don't care. It does everything I want it to do, and while I might be just as happy with another phone, I am not a "moron" simply because I like this product and am willing to accept its limitations.
PC Games (Games)

Map Editor, Photoshop Tool Coming To Braid 44

Erik J writes "Braid creator Jonathon Blow has revealed that a map editor and image tool will be added to the popular puzzle game. First, though, Braid will receive a patch to fix some issues players have reported. Blow explains: 'After I get a new version out in a few days that fixes the problems some people are having, and when more people have played/finished the game, I am going to post some documentation for the editor. The way it works is you can make levels with the editor (up to a full game, potentially) and run that with -universe later... also a tool will be released that lets you take Photoshop files and import them into the game, if you want to put new graphics in your levels.' It is unclear if these capabilities are coming only to PC or to the Xbox 360 version as well."

Comment Re:Good riddance. (Score 1) 125

I just checked, and almost half the music on my iPod is from Ruckus. I had hoped to gradually start buying CDs to replace the Ruckus music as I got closer to graduating from college, but now I've got a huge collection of stuff that I don't even have a "license" for.

Submission + - Mac, BSD prone to decade old attacks 7

BSDer writes: An Israeli security researcher published a paper few hours ago, detailing attacks against Mac, OpenBSD and other BSD-style operating systems. The attacks, says Amit Klein from Trusteer enable DNS cache poisoning, IP level traffic analysis, host detection, O/S fingerprinting and in some cases even TCP blind data injection. The irony is that OpenBSD boasted their protection mechanism against those exact attacks when a similar attack against the BIND DNS server was disclosed by the same researcher mid 2007. It seems now that OpenBSD may need to revisit their code and their statements. According to the researcher, another affected party, Apple, refused to commit to any fix timelines. It would be interesting to see their reaction now that this paper is public.
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - iPhone to open up to 3rd party developers

David Appleyard writes: ""Let me just say it: We want native third party applications on the iPhone, and we plan to have an SDK in developers' hands in February." — Steve Jobs. Apple have plans to open the iPhone up to developers whilst at the same time ensuring a device free from malware and viruses. The SDK will also allow developers to create applications for iPod touch."

Submission + - OSI Approves Two Microsoft Shared-Source Licenses (

narramissic writes: "The Microsoft Public License (MPL) and the Microsoft Reciprocal License (MRL), two of Microsoft's so-called 'shared source' licenses, have been approved by the board of the Open Source Initiative (OSI). The two take their place as viable OSI licenses for distributing open-source code alongside more widely used community licenses such as the GNU General Public License and the Mozilla Public License.

Of the OSI board's decision, Red Hat Inc. executive Michael Tiemann, who also serves as president of the OSI, said that although Microsoft has not historically been open-source friendly, in the end the licenses spoke for themselves. 'They do have two licenses that went through the community process and did sustain the open-source definition,' he said."


Submission + - Furstrated User Throws Computer Out the Window (

An anonymous reader writes: Startled neighbors called the police when a man, frustrated with his computer, threw it out the window. Police did not press charges, but did make him clean up the mess.

Submission + - For those that can't wait for Harry

Drivintin writes: is reporting that several sources are saying that an authentic copy of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" has hit the internet. Someone, maybe a hand model, has photographed every page of the much anticipated book and posted it on several torrent sites, notably Pirate Bay. It's not known who the source is or even if the book is truly genuine, but one clue that author JK Rowling gave was that "scar" would be the last word in the book. She later said it was changed to be one of the last words, and this copy of the book does have "scar" in the second to last sentence, the eleventh to last word.

Submission + - Harry Potter Ending Allegedly Leaked (

An anonymous reader writes: Scans of the table of contents and epilogue of the final Harry Potter book are circulating on the internet. The epilogue, 'Nineteen Years Later', reveals the fates of the major characters. Harry Potter fans should be advised to stay away from the internet and other media until they finish the book.
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Europe to get 3G iPhone at year end

pev writes: The Register reports : "A new 3G (European) version of the iPhone will be launched Monday in the UK by Apple — in a joint promotion with Vodafone, T-Mobile of Germany, and Carphone Warehouse. It should answer the disappointment with the US version of the iPhone which has been widely slammed for its poor performance as a phone." This is especially interesting as in an interview Steve Jobs is credited as having stated one of the reasons they havent used 3G yet is due to battery life and chipset (physical) size.

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