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Comment There are many points against AMP (Score 1) 55

After all as long as there will be web designers, there will be horribly bad webpages which will consume huge amounts of data. Just keep your webpages plain and simple, avoid Javascript, particularly from foreign domains, and everything will be fine.

It's not your responsibility to adapt the look of your page to the size of the browser window. If the browser is semi decent and you write proper HTML it'll just work everywhere. That's the whole idea behind HTML.

Comment pooh. (Score 1) 281

Assuming you believe lie detector results, it sounds like they were just measuring how honest the participants were about how many naughty words they new. And from that perspective it goes without saying that there would be a correlation between being honest and reporting more words.

Also, as regards holding back on the actual use of naughty words (which, BTW, they didn't measure), they need to consider the difference between "dishonesty" and "manners".

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