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Submission + - The Appcast's iPhone Satellite GPS Round-Up (30minuteslate.com)

Ashyukun writes: Just in time for holiday travel preparations, iPhone applications-centric podcast The Appcast this morning released its special turn-by-turn satellite navigation round up where the seven major iPhone GPS apps were tested and compared to see which one would come out on top. The apps reviewed were the Ndrive, CoPilot, Sygic, G-Map (US & Canada), iGo My Way, Navigon, and TomTom applications (the Magellan application was unfortunately released too recently to have been included). As a bonus, a road test and review of the TomTom Car Kit is included. A chart detailing the features of each of the applications along with comments and write-up on each of the applications, screen-shots, and audio files of how each of the applications handled voice instructions over the same short route can be found on the episode's special show notes page. The podcast episode itself can also be downloaded from the round-up special page as well as through the usual feed for The Appcast on iTunes.

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