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Journal Ashtead's Journal: Not your standard Server crash....

The freight ship "Server" which was due to go from Årdal to Murmansk, lost power and ran aground outside Fedje on the Norwegian west coast. Now the ship has broken in half, and an estimated 270 tons of fuel oil has leaked out and caused a major disaster for the birds in the Herdla reservation, and people living on this island.

Some links (in Norwegian, but the picturs show the extent of the disaster) On Hurricane "Per"
Oil spill picture
more links

The front part has been towed ashore, but the aft part is still out on the bank, in the storm, probably with more oil in it.

This is quite bad. Hurricane, 35 m/s (80 MPH) type bad. The strong winds and big waves has made it impossible to keep the oil sheet from spreading, and tonight we are expecting the storm "Per" to arrive. Though here, deep in the Oslo fjord, the storm will not be so bad, on the west coast and further south in Skagerak, there will be nasty weather. People living on the coast in Rogaland, Hordaland and Sogn are advised to stay indoors, and Swedish news sites tell us that they have stopped all rail traffic on the Swedish West coast.

People in Göteborg are asked to stay indoors tomorrow

Worst storm since 1994

Brr... I haven't seen much in the way of English-language links yet; and Aftenposten doesn't have much news about this at all, so mostly pictures for now, unless you can read Norwegian or Swedish.

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Not your standard Server crash....

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