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Comment Re: The real problem (Score 1) 240

"These foundations are putting their money to far better use than the government would. They are doing the things that governments should be doing, but aren't."

Actually no. These "charities" fund a lot of health and social initiatives but the state invests in infrastructure, jobcreation, rule of law etc. Those make all the other stuff possible.
Besides that I prefer democracy to a situation where one person decides where a big part of societies money is spent on. Private charities often influence the spending of state money as described in this article :

Comment Re: Another reason to ban rifles (Score 1) 1134

"Yes it is! more laws will stop them! Just like how speed laws stopped speeding, Drug laws stopped drugs, and there is zero prostitution cince they passed those laws against paying money for sex."

So what you are saying is that we are "defacto" living in anarchy since laws make no difference what so ever. Clearly nonsense: we can easily compare to historical periods or geographical regions where the rule of law was/is absent or arbitrarily applied.

Comment Similar case in Netherlands (Score 1) 475

A judge in the Netherlands ruled over a similar case against the Dutch state. The ruling was that the state was not doing enough to reduce greenhouse gases.
Dutch site so link is via Google translate:

Comment Re: Good! (Score 1) 365

The "they will leave us". That is exactly the argument used in all liberal economies. And exactly what makes it possible for multinationals to hold western economies hostage.

Indian policy but also other protectionist policy within western countries proves that that kind of fear mongering is unsubstantiated, however effective it may be.

Comment Re: Litigious Much (Score 1) 818

That distinction between church and religion is important. The church as an institution was a very wide economic and regulatory entity. Parts either stimulated or prosecuted science or certain findings. Religion however is a censor. Scientific findings are very likely to be interpreted within the boundaries of the religious dogma. So a church can facilitate science but religion may influence the findings.

However he who is without dogmas cast the first stone.


Asha2004 writes: In a direct reaction to the recent Paris terror attacks, European Union countries have planned an emergency meeting this Friday in Brussels, Belgium, to convene and collaborate on ideas to implement and strengthen controls over electronic and anonymous payment methods.

A draft conclusion obtained by Reuters notes that EU ministers will urge EUâ(TM)s executive arm â" the European Commission to enforce new measures.

Comment Re: Finally (Score 2) 278

The idea of letting a arbitration committee in a foreign country (in this case the US) supersede the judicial system of a democratic nation which has evolved over more than a century is to absurd to contemplate. Corporate lobby is making it (ISDS) happen though. Europe is next.

Comment Re: Without government... (Score 5, Informative) 471

Actually the Dutch taxi market is pretty open nowadays, with several thousand not affiliated taxis in Amsterdam only. But the Netherlands is a pretty regulated country. For driving a taxi for example you need a license (easily obtainable) and there are fixed tariff regulations. Obviously Uber drivers have no such license and don't comply with the tariff regulation. I don't know any democratic nation where an organization which actively organizes and supports activities which don't comply with the law is not seen as a criminal organization.
Doesn't mean that Uber won't be seen as a kind of emancipationary club somewhere down the line. But now...

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