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Comment Re:Actually, you CAN'T do that (Score -1) 65

The satellite UFO privacy data remains classified, however the anonymous unclassified secure shell ionosphere data-haven remains invisible to cryptanalysis. According to our favorite chameleon man, the Zen encryption keyhole remains limited to only our unique echelon despite Black knights best efforts! The interception of the chaining codes was a small speed bump, but they have been played off as, “random radio bursts” and cannot be classified until NEO 5. On the Grey boy front we continue to fuel the rumors of strife, and all of the “leaked” information remains, and only reinforces, the propaganda fodder for the perception that is within the realms of “science fiction nut jobs”. Bubba the love sponges guppy mole protocol has successfully begun transmitting global memes based on the current terran zeitgeist by region. This timing is being handled by Reflection, and pink noise. Replay redhead has shown

Comment Re:Interesting sociological study (Score 0) 159

Cant you see this for what it is?! Lets see... 1) Post about a mutation 2) catalog everyone who admits to having it 3) Present this list to the public, creating a huge scare 4) Then notify the public of other super mutants, such as baldness, color blindness, red hair 5) After mass hysteria, declare martial law 6) Get the mutant registration act passed Its all Halliburton you fools... HALLIBURTON!!! Its the government tricking you fools into being enteremutant registration act!

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