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Comment Re:I have to say... (Score 1) 169

How do you know it won't hit the moon?

Using the same basic orbital calculation that let us send a dozen or so space vessels to the moon rather than off into the sun or something. We've become pretty good at telling where the moon will be at any given time. Maybe there are even "Full moon" days written in your calendar. They are when the moon and sun are in roughly opposite directions from us.

The Internet

Submission + - Legal Group Says ISP Allowed 100K Illegal Dowloads (

bennyboy64 writes: iTnews reports that Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT) investigators claim to have recorded almost 100,000 instances of Australian internet service provider iiNet users making available online unauthorised copies of films and TV programs, lawyers for the film industry said in the Federal Court in Sydney today. The lawyers for the film industry claimed iiNet had done "nothing" to discourage copyright infringement on its network. For background on the case see iTnews' background piece which has a pretty graph. The case will be heard for four weeks. Today was day one.

Comment Re:Maybe TF2 for inspiration? (Score 1) 202

Sure, there are lots of games that aren't cutting edge graphics and are still great games. I'm not trying to trot out that old point. The interesting thing I found with TF2 was that it *was* graphically impressive. It took the progress that had been made in graphics and aimed it in a different direction to the realism that every other game had sought. And that visual tone carried through into the gameplay. It sought to provide a light-hearted (comic even) environment in which to play that same old CTF mechanic.

Comment Maybe TF2 for inspiration? (Score 3, Informative) 202

Team Fortress 2 has been a great demonstration of how an amazing graphics engine can be used in a less-realistic way, but the high-quality graphics still do a good job supporting the gameplay. Maybe more of this will come soon? And perhaps the artists in game development studios will get more of a chance to be... well... artistic as a result.
Social Networks

Submission + - Facebook Retroactively taking back User Names

Matt Wilson writes: "It appears Facebook is retroactively taking back user names for celebrities, even if you have a legitimate reason for having the user name. My wife previously had (her name *is* Brigitte Wilson) until she just received this e-mail: From: The Facebook Team Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2009 12:37:36 -0700 Subject: Removed Username To: Hi, Your chosen username was on a list of terms that were meant to be blocked from registration, and it was only made available as the result of an error. We have no choice but to remove it from your account. We understand the inconvenience this creates, so we've added 500 credits to your account to express our gratitude for your understanding. These credits can be used in our Gift Shop ( to purchase virtual gifts. Thanks,"

Comment Re:Confusing Comparison: RTS vs RPG (Score 1) 737

The only time I'd play a multiplayer RTS is with friends, I've never been big on the computer assigned stranger thing, and most of the time that would be with my flatmate. No seedy LAN party, just a bored tuesday night with time to kill at home. Other times, if there were a group of us, we'd head out to an internet cafe with a gaming setup and play together in the same room so we can talk. I really don't think the advent of broadband changed everyone's gaming habits. and just how fast your broadband is, depends greatly on what country you live in.

Comment Re:Duh. (Score 1) 355

Does it have to be said that it is quite reasonable to search for sex for a number of reasons apart from pornography? How about sexual health? For a young teen or something, searching for "sex" online because you're curious could lead you to some great articles that would tell you some pretty useful information. Like wearing a condom can help prevent you getting some nasty diseases. I'm pretty sure the idea of SafeSearch is to keep those search results whilst filtering the porn sites. Blocking all searches of the term completely seems like lazy design.

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