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Comment Two reasons this isn't a problem for desktops (Score 1) 430

Has anyone considered the other possible reasons for larger sales of laptops? First, laptops tend to wear/break more than desktops (as they are being carried around), leading to more replacements needed. Second, laptops tend to be peoples' personal computers, and desktops are often the computers of their employers. Employer owned desktops get upgraded far less than personal computers. I know this is definitely a fact at my workplace, where many of the computers are several years old. Just because desktops compromise less than half the market, it doesn't mean that they are used less/ultimately doomed. When working long hours on a computer, it is far preferable to have a desktop, and that will probably never change. Even if there are more laptops purchased, I'm sure people spend more time on their desktops, especially work time.

Comment Re:Actually... (Score 1) 380

That's nothing. Once I had to read six "that's nothing" posts in a row. And then I had to read the "that's nothing" post that pointed out the lameness of those six posts. And then I had to read my own "that's nothing" post about the---


Comment Re:Great future (Score 1) 624

And then you have the wall street leeches who juggle numbers around and suck millions out of... what exactly? The world is not richer for them in any material sense.

This is at least theoretically untrue. The idea behind investment in general is to control the flow of capital to allow "the people that actually produce stuff" to work as efficiently as possible and to produce the stuff that society wants the most. As previous posts have stated, the supposed social benefit of this specific high-speed trading is to increase liquidity and thus increase the ability of investing to carry out its purpose.

Now, how that actually works out the in real world can be debated, and there is good evidence for both sides (quantative finance being good for society or quantative finance being bad for society). But there is at least a theoretical argument (and a lot more than a theoretical argument) that they DO make the world richer in a material sense.

Comment Re:MJ Factor, plus, it is summer (Score 1) 575

I doubt this school effect is really as significant as you claim (with no support). And even then, probably a decent portion of school computers use alternatives to IE. As equally anecdotal counter-evidence to your claim that summer decreases IE usage, I'd like to point out that the browser I am forced to use at my summer workplace is IE. There is no reason to believe that changes in user habits during summer will only move away from IE. And finally, has this kind of change away from IE been seen before during the summer? I do not keep up with broswer shares, but if this was normal for summer, I doubt people would be pointing it out or checking their numbers.

Comment Spin rate... (Score 2, Interesting) 35

Though I've looked around a bit, nobody seems to have pointed out something that appears quite interesting in those pictures. The two arms of the galaxy take a sharp turn at mirror points. This seems to imply that the speed of rotation of the galaxy increased significantly suddenly. I'm no astronomer, but this seems important. Does anyone who knows more than me care to shed some light on the matter?

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